1800-1899 Charcoal Art Drawings

Charcoal 1800 1899 Drawings from Dealers Resellers

Although created one to two centuries ago, drawings from the 19th century are still available for sale. You may find a charcoal drawing by a renowned master, or a charming unsigned pencil image using good technique, or a charcoal cartoon for a famous painting or tapestry.

What types of charcoal work on paper are available?

Among many drawings, you could locate a signed image by a well-known artist. Fine textures, interesting subject matter, or a paper drawing of a charming antique scene can also be found for sale. An unsigned 19th-century drawing can enhance your home.

  • Paper Types and Drawing Methods: Most 19th-century paper is made from linen. The surface of linen paper was textured for sketching. Smooth paper is often used for printmaking. The surface of other papers were coated with clay or graphite. The technique of removing color with an eraser or cardboard stump was used to create an image in light on dark.
  • Early Victorian Charcoal Drawings: You will find portraits and landscapes drawn with delicate charcoal pencils by early Victorian creators. Some art may be signed but other art of this period can be a drawing by a member of a larger art studio or school and unsigned.
  • French Charcoal Drawing: France was a center for many painters in the 19th century, including David, Ingres and the Impressionists. You may find a charming drawing in the style of famous French painters.
  • Landscapes and Still Lifes: Paper images of country scenes, dramatic mountains, and charming destinations like Dutch windmills were popular charcoal sketch subjects during the 19th century. A still life charcoal on paper with fruit or flowers could be a perfect addition to your dining or living room.
What are procedures for purchasing legacy or collectible paper drawings?

You should request an appraisal and a letter of provenance or archival records for a charcoal drawing or paper sketch by a master, especially when you are interested in a collectible or signed work of art. If you just want a beautiful charcoal drawing on paper to display in your home or business, you dont need archival information.

Is a charcoal piece from a sketchbook different from an original framed drawing?

Many black and white charcoal portrait drawings were framed in the 19th century, but other sketched subjects were not. Many people are interested in sketchbooks and the artists process, such as using an eraser to create white lines on a dark background. You can find interesting charcoal or pencil images from sketchbooks that have been framed by contemporary dealers.

  • Locations and Subject Matter: 19th-century charcoal drawings are often portraits of people, but they can also include famous or exotic locations like the Egyptian pyramids. Charcoal drawings also may depict a famous event or location, such as a battle, ship, or historical structure like the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Colored Pencil and Pastels:19th-century artists sometimes used colored pencils and pastels. Sepia, ochre, or umber charcoal also created an interesting texture.
  • Mixed Media: During the 19th century, artists combined paint, charcoal, ink, and other methods to create mixed media drawings on paper.