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21 mm Watch Bands

The beauty of watch bands is that there is such a wide range available you can mix and match yours to suit your style as you please. Whether you’re looking for a replacement band for your watch, another band to keep as a spare, or different colors to express your personality and accessorize, there are numerous styles, designs, colors, and materials to choose from. A replacement watch band can transform your watch between a classic style to contemporary quirky look and back again in a matter of minutes. A changed watch strap can also make you feel like your old watch is just like brand new again.

What is a 21 mm Watch Band?

The measurement in millimeters of a watch band, leather or otherwise, refers to the width of the spring bar and pin or lug width that holds the band to the watch casing. A 21mm band width is usually found on mid-sized timepieces in both men's and women’s ranges.

What are the Different Styles and Materials in Watch Bands?

There are a variety of styles of watch straps. Look for one that complements the design and model of watch you have in terms of materials and colors. Four common types of wristwatch bands include:

  • Two-Piece Straps: Attaching genuine leather, vinyl, fabric, nylon, silicone, or rubber two piece straps to your watch has the advantage of being able to adjust the size to fit your wrist with ease via the holes in the strap.
  • NATO Straps: These durable straps originally developed for the military. The strap is one piece instead of two and feeds under your spring bars and under watch case. They fasten via a buckle, so if one of your spring bars does give out, the watch stays on your wrist.
  • Bund Straps: With a bund strap, the strap itself is in two pieces that attach to your spring bars. An additional piece of leather/fabric fits under your watch case. These are ideal if you wear your watch in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The extra leather/ fabric protects your skin from any changes in temperature of the metals in the casing.
  • Bracelets: Metal watch bands often use stainless steel, or combinations of metals such as titanium, silver, and gold – with or without gold plating. Bracelets can be stretchy to accommodate different sized wrists, or linked and sized to fit the wearer.

What Types of Fastenings do Watch Bands Have?

There are two buckle styles to look for when choosing a two-piece watch strap, and some linked bracelets.

  • The traditional style buckle where you slip one end of the strap through a metal loop and hold it in place with a pin punched in the strap is an ardillon.
  • Folding metal buckles than close over on themselves to secure are deployment buckles. The advantage of deployment buckles is that if they become unfastened, the watch is less likely to fall off.