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Preparing to Buy a Consumer Patch Panel

Although patch panels originally were used, and still are, for a variety of uses for recording studios, television, and even radio, the average consumer today may be looking to buy one for computer network routing. In simpler terms, one may be looking to set up a patch panel to hook up with an Ethernet cable, which is a common use for them. 

What Is a Patch Panel?

  • This type of panel is simply a multiple jack board used to act as a hub for any loose cables, such as an Internet connection cable, and keeps them all safely in one location.
  • The functional, and important, part of a patch panel is for wire and network safety. Pulling and re-plugging cables in and out of port holes to move to other parts of the house can damage the wires and thus, their overall connectivity power. That's why it's often smart to use a patch panel.
  • Patch panels can often be used when one plans to opt out of using Wi-Fi and going for the Ethernet cable instead.

AMP NetConnect Patch Panel Types

  • Some common AMP panels, such as the NetConnect,  may feature up to forty eight jacks or more, and range in size too.
  • Many of these devices are usually no more than two pounds in weight; this means they are easy to handle and work with. Moreover, some panels also have twenty four jack ports and may have CAT5 capability.
  • Another thing to note is that these network devices can be angled, shielded, or unshielded.

What Shuold I Look for in Patch Panels?

  • Size: Size options depend on the needs of each consumer. There are smaller and larger patch panels, with some even being wall mountable and depends on preference.
  • Use: Any port board can be used as a home office solution, a professional network system in a workplace, or just as a means to organize loose cables around the house.
  • Numbering: When setting up a patch panel system, it is helpful to remember to number the corresponding cables to each port going from the wall to the patch board. This ensures everything is organized and numbered correctly for future convenience.

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