Your Guide to Purchasing AR Flip-Up Sights

When youre out shooting, it helps to have an external sight so that you can improve on your accuracy and steadiness. Finding good AR flip-up sights can really help you aim with more confidence. eBay has options for cheap flip-up sights, and you can even find models that fold up flatly so that you can move the rifle around without worrying about the sight snagging or getting damaged.

Common materials for AR flip-up sights

Durability is definitely a consideration when youre in the market for one of these products. With that in mind, youll want to find products with sturdy materials before you make a purchase. Here are some materials to consider:

  • Polymer: While polymer is a material thats very much like plastic, it is designed to take a beating. They also tend to be very lightweight.
  • Milled aluminum: Milled aluminum is tough and very lightweight. Since the material is so strong, dings and scrapes will be uncommon.
  • Iron: Iron is strong but it may add a bit of weight to the gun. That said, an iron sight is very tough and durable.
  • Stainless steel: Like iron, stainless steel sights are very strong and may make the gun a bit more weighty, which some shooters prefer.
Which material makes for cheap flip-up sights?

If youre looking for a product that wont cost a lot of cash, a good polymer sight shouldnt set you back by much. Despite this, the material is strong and lightweight, so firing and aiming wont be much of a chore. Additionally, its fairly easy for flip-up sights to fold down flush, so its also very easy to protect the sight from damage when youre not using your gun.

Where to mount flip-up sights on an AR 15

When youre getting ready to attach your flip-up sight to your rifle, youll most likely be attaching it to a preexisting rail system. While many guns have Weaver or 1913 Picatinny rails, many sites are adjustable so that they should be able to slide on easily. Once on the gun, the sights should remain securely attached and will be ready to flip up when youre ready to aim.