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Alden Boots for Men

Alden Shoe Company produces boots for men in their Massachusetts facility. The company was founded in 1884 and designs their products for use worldwide. You can find various types of Alden boots to wear indoors or outdoors.

What styles of work boots are available from Alden?

Some of the styles that you can find include the following.

  • The Original Work Boot: This Alden style is a laced high-top style. It is sometimes called the Alden Indy Boot. The uppers are made of leather. It has five eyelets and four speed hooks on each side. This configuration holds the boot securely but lets you release the top quickly to take it off. The Indy Boot has a flat sole. The Original Work Boot is made on the Trubalance last, which is the wooden shoe form over which a shoe is constructed. This style of last has a round, wide toe box and volume throughout the shoe. It narrows in slightly at the heel.
  • Rugged Work Boot: This is a variation of the Original Work Boot. It is also a high-top leather boot made on the Trubalance last. The difference is that the Rugged Work Boot has a Vibram sole with deep lugs.
What casual styles are available from Alden?

Some of their casual styles include the following boots.

  • Chukka: The Chukka style is a laced-ankle type of footwear. Each Chukka-style boot has two eyelets on each side of the vamp. The Chukka with suede uppers is made on Alden’s Leydon last. This makes it just slightly on the narrow side, and it has a tip that is more pointed than round. The sole is leather. The leather option is made on the Barrie last, which is wide with a rounded tip. The sole is crepe and provides an all-weather grip. A third variation comes in either smooth or suede uppers. It differs from the other styles in that it has a lug-rubber sole.
  • Plain-toe: The Plain-toe boot is a high-top boot with a laced style, and it is made of calfskin. It has a leather tip and a textured, crepe sole for grip. This style is made on the Barrie last, which makes it just narrower than the Work Boot. It includes a rounded end.
What dress options are available from Alden?

Alden boots are also available for dressy occasions. These are primarily high-top boots made of leather materials. One example of this style is the Straight-tip Boot. It is a narrow boot made from calfskin. The fit of the boot conforms to the wearer's foot, making the boot close-fitting, similar to regular dress shoes. They also include pointed tips.

Does Alden make limited-edition styles?

Alden collaborates with other fashion companies to produce styles that are cross-branded. These partnerships have produced cordovan-shell styles, wingtip styles, and other styles of shoe wear.

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