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Things You Need to Know About Buying Alembic Bass Guitars on eBay

Alembic makes many types of bass guitars. Learn the different types of Alembic bass guitars for sale on eBay and how to find the one that is right for you.

Types of Alembic bass for sale on eBay

Alembic makes standard four-string bass guitars as well as those with five and six strings. It makes left-handed bass guitars as well as the more standard right-handed ones. Beyond these distinctions, bass guitars are also distinguished by their respective body types, the common ones being fretless, short scale, semi-hollow, and solid body. Except for its handedness, these qualities of an Alembic bass guitar influence its sound, performance, and playability.

When might you buy a used Alembic bass guitar?

There are several instances when you may choose to buy your Alembic bass guitar on eBay used instead of new. One of the obvious reasons to do so is the considerable cost savings of a used Alembic bass over a new one of equivalent type and condition. There are also many vintage and retired Alembic bass guitars you may no longer be able to buy new, in which case a used version is the only way to buy that model of Alembic bass.

Some particularly noteworthy Alembic bass guitars on eBay

Of the many Alembic bass guitars for sale on eBay are several worth noting for their exceptionality, including the following:

  • 1980 Alembic Series I four-string bass in walnut or rosewood mahogany with ebony fingerboard
  • 1989 Limited Edition Alembic 20th Anniversary bass guitar
  • 1991 Alembic Scorpion Europa five-string bass with a walnut top and veneers of purpleheart wood and maple
  • 2000 Alembic Mark King Omega five-string bass in flamed koa wood
  • 2005 Alembic Spoiler bass guitar
  • 2010 Alembic Darling Buckeye Burl with a mahogany body, walnut facings, maple, vermillion, and purpleheart wood veneers, and an ebony fingerboard with mother of pearl inlays
What to look for what buying Alembic bass guitars on eBay

Before buying any Alembic bass guitar on eBay, make sure you know whether you are getting a new or used item. If you are getting a used Alembic bass, make sure it is in acceptable playing condition, is undamaged, and needs no repairs. Whether used or not, be sure you are clear as well about what comes with the Alembic bass guitar you buy, if anything, such as a soft or hard case, strings, electric cables, or a tuner.

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