Alienware Alpha desktops


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What to Know About Gaming Computers

The Alienware Alpha is a feature-packed PC designed with gaming in mind. Unlike traditional PCs and laptop devices, the Alpha features a small form factor and has the UI of a gaming console. It packs an Intel CPU, fast SSD hard drive and powerful GPU into its design. It can be used with either a keyboard and mouse, or a controller which is available separately. The Alpha gaming PC connects easily to your big screen TV via HDMI, making it quick and easy to enjoy all your favorite games.

Which Model of Alpha Should I Look For?

The Alpha was first introduced in 2014, and it has had some upgrades over the years.

  • Alpha: This is the original Alienware system. It features good gaming performance, as it is powered by a custom Nvidia graphics chip. It is roughly equivalent to the power of major gaming consoles, but it is slightly smaller and lighter. Some systems come equipped with an i3 processor, while others have an i5. They most commonly come with 4 GB RAM, but some systems have 8 GB RAM. A compatible Xbox 360 controller is included with this system, and it is ideal for couch gaming.
  • Alpha R2: This model superseded the original Alpha. It features an upgraded CPU and GPU, and it comes with a quad-core i5 or i7 processor. It also features a graphics amplifier port, allowing the user to increase the graphical capabilities of the system by purchasing the optional Graphics Amplifier. This also allows for VR and 4K gameplay.

What Operating System Does the Alpha Come With?

The Alpha runs on Microsoft Windows, and it can be operated in desktop and console mode.

  • Alpha: The original Alpha comes preloaded with Windows 8.1.
  • Alpha R2: The R2 comes preloaded with Windows 10.

Can the Alpha Be Upgraded?

Some upgrades are possible. This allows you to improve performance and extend longevity of the device, allowing you to run the latest games at high frame rates and reducing loading times. These include:

  • RAM: You can upgrade the RAM to up to 16 GB total capacity, and this will increase the overall speed of the device.
  • Processor: You can upgrade the CPU to a i5 or i7 to improve overall speed of operation.
  • Hard Drive: Some systems come with a mechanical hard drive, it is a good idea to upgrade this to a solid-state drive. A higher capacity drive will also allow you to store more games.