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Anthropologie Women's Jumpsuits and Rompers

Anthropologie draws women in with beautiful clothing and accessories. One of the popular clothing trends for women are jumpsuits and rompers. While they used to be thought of as apparel for children, Anthropologie carries rompers in many different styles and colors. When shopping, buyers should have a good idea of their clothes size so that a good fit is more likely from the start.

How Do I Choose a Style?

  • Styles of Rompers: Rompers and jumpsuits are not just the one style available in years past. Buyers can find wide-leg versions, ones made of lace, and even evening-ready chic jumpsuits. In fact, certain Anthropologie black jumpsuits could work as office wear. The pull-on styling of jumpsuits makes them comfortable as well as stylish.
  • Decide on Body Type: For women who have not worn a jumpsuit before, it is important to have an idea of the style that best suits their body type and size. Anthropologie jumpsuits are available as halter tops or long sleeves and everything in between. In addition, a wide-leg jumpsuit might suit a longer-legged person. While an Anthropologie jumpsuit with straight leg styling would be more appropriate for someone with a short stature.

How Do I Wear My Romper?

  • Information on Tags: When shopping for clothing, buyers should note whether the item is offered NWT or new with tags. The tags offer a good deal of information about item care.
  • Easy-to-Wear Jumpsuits: Rompers and jumpsuits are often praised for being comfortable and easy to wear. At the same time, shoppers should consider when and how they will need to get dressed. One of the features of jumpsuits is pull-on styling. In some cases, this may make some daily activities difficult. By looking at the item's construction and size, shoppers can judge how easy it is to wear.

Other Anthropologie Clothing and Accessories

Once the perfect jumper is found, buyers can look to Anthropologie for accessories to mix and match for a stylish look.

  • Belts as Romper Accessories: Both rompers and jumpsuits are often cinched at the waist. A belt can break up a solid colored jumpsuit by adding a bit of color and change. A large scarf can also be utilized as a decorative belt in some cases.
  • Anthropologie dresses: If the perfect romper or jumpsuit cannot be found, Anthropologie dresses and other clothing items are also available in just about as many styles as jumpsuits. From floral and tea length to little black dresses, there are enough options to cover every season and many occasions.

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