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Selecting a Replacement Apple Keyboard and Mouse for Your Macbook or other iOS Computer

Apple products have always had a long-standing reputation for producing unconventional and stylish technology items that go against the flow. Since these items for your personal computing devices endure the most use and movement, wear and tear will eventually happen, gradually creating the need to replace your equipment. Many types of Apple keyboards and mice are available on eBay for various affordable prices.

Should you get a USB or wireless keyboard and mouse?

Whether you opt for a wireless Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse or a USB-operated mouse on eBay, it will depend on several factors:

  • Computer model type and structure: Before purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse, make sure that your hardware has this feature. If you don't already have Bluetooth, you may still be able to use additional wireless hardware with the addition of a wireless dongle or adapter.
  • Available USB ports, if any: If you're using all your USB ports for gaming joysticks, external memory devices, headphones or other gadgets, a wireless system may be better. If you're constantly on the move or want to use your keyboard and mouse with multiple different computers, it may be easier to plug in through the USB and go.
  • General lifestyle for which you need your computer: Do you like the convenience of being able to type and use your computer mouse from the comfort of a couch or bed? Or, do you prefer to have everything contained in one place by cords? If you're prone to spills, you also may want to look for water-resistant features.
  • Ergonomic support: Depending on your individual posture and typing style, you may need some additional ergonomic support to comfortably operate your Apple keyboard, trackpad, or mouse. You can find keyboards with legs in the back that help elevate the keys for better visibility, or you can find keyboards with wrist pads to help reduce wrist fatigue.
What should you look for when selecting a replacement product?

There are endless options when it comes to selecting replacement hardware for your Apple computer. You'll find a variety of equipment on eBay, ranging from authentic parts from the original manufacturer to generic hardware that is universally compatible. New in-box iMac keyboard and mouse equipment is always satisfying to unwrap and is virtually guaranteed to work with your apple computing system. They're generally available in white. However, if you're looking to express some additional personality, you can customize your hardware with aftermarket skins and stickers to reflect your creative personality.

How can you maintain an Apple keyboard and mouse?

Regular maintenance is key to maintaining the longevity of your replacement Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. Take care not to drop crumbs or spill liquids near your keyboard. Wipe your hands before using the mouse or typing. You can purchase electronics-friendly wipes or other cleaning sprays to use with your personal devices. You should also regularly disconnect your keyboard and mouse and wipe them down with a clean, lint-free cloth.

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