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Everything to Know Before Purchasing an Audio Research Amplifier

If you want your home stereo system to sound great, a quality amplifier is an addition to consider. Audio Research makes high-quality amps that audiophiles have been using in their systems for years. Check out some pertinent information about these preamps below before shopping through the available units on eBay.

Does Audio Research make solid-state amplifiers?

Yes. While vacuum tubes were the industry standard for years, solid-state amplifiers have become more common as their quality has improved. A solid-state amplifier uses, instead of vacuum tubes, components like diodes and transistors to send audio signals through a solid conductor.

Solid-state amplifiers are generally lighter and more portable than tube amps. They also provide lower costs for maintenance.

Does Audio Research make different types of amplifiers?

You can find different types of audio amplifiers for sale on eBay. Your Audio Research price depends on several factors including the amp's power, features, condition, and more. Two of the most common types of Audio Research amps are:

Tube Preamp:

  • The Audio Research preamp delivers warm, rich audio characteristics prized by audiophiles for its natural sound reproduction.
  • This tube amplifier offers harmonic distortion and saturation, enhancing the depth and dimensionality of the audio signal.
  • The Audio Research preamp offers customizable tone shaping through various tube configurations and circuit designs.

Power Amp:

  • This power amplifier amplifies the audio signal from the preamp to drive speakers with sufficient power for optimal performance.
  • Provides clean, high-fidelity amplification without introducing distortion or coloration to the sound.
  • Available in various configurations, including solid-state and tube designs, each offering unique sonic characteristics and power output capabilities.

What models of Audio Research amplifiers are available?

Audio Research has been manufacturing amplifiers for years, making many technological advancements along the way. The product line includes a variety of different models, each with its own set of prices, benefits, and features. The following are some of the models available on eBay for purchase:

  • SP7
  • SP8
  • LS12
  • LS22
  • M150

How do Audio Research amps achieve a warm sound?

Even though they don't use vacuum tubes, Audio Research amps still have a warm analog-sounding quality. This is captured through analog modeling technology. AM-8 Analog Modelers are built into each unit, helping mimic the classic sound of the sought-after vacuum tube in a simpler design. There are some other advantages to analog modeling, such as the following:

  • Wear and tear - There are fewer moving parts and less heat on these solid-state devices, meaning they will last longer without needing to be repaired.
  • Noise floor - The digital design provides a low noise floor, meaning you can crank the music much higher without distorting the sound.
  • Zero-impedance - This technology completely separates the phono inputs from the inputs designed for other audio devices, ensuring each channel has the right voltage.
  • Power - Analog devices can lose sound quality with changes in the power supply. This doesn't happen with solid-state American Research amplifiers.
  • No warm-up - Each model is fully operational within seconds of being powered on. There is no warm-up period.

What control knobs are available on these units?

Generally, these units have four front-loaded heavy-duty knobs on the front of the unit. The far-left one is designed for gain. Next over, you have the knob that determines the stereo balance. Third from the left is the "mode" knob and the last knob determines which input signal the amplifier is broadcasting.

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