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Autel Diagnostic Code Scanners and Readers

Autel is an industry leader in OBD (on-board diagnostics) Autolink systems. If you have an Autel Code Reader and Scanner, you can diagnose your car problems yourself, avoiding costly repairs and mechanic visits. In some cases, running the unit can help you fix the problem yourself with the help of troubleshooting tips and techniques.

What problems will the Autel Reader and Scanner Diagnose?

Each code reader and scanner model will diagnose different systems. Troubleshooting code tips are also included. The basic Autolink model will scan through two of your cars systems, while the top of the line model will check all systems. If you want more thorough scanning throughout your vehicle, consider purchasing an all system code unit or multiple code units to ensure that your car is thoroughly scanned.

  • Two-system code reader/scanner checks the malfunction light and the ABS (anti-lock braking system light)
  • Four-system code reader checks engine, transmission, ABS and airbag
  • All-system code unit checks 13 systems

What does the all system unit check?

This unit checks all the systems your mechanic would check and maybe a few more. These include:

  • TPMS-tire pressure monitoring system
  • Oil reset service
  • EPB - electronic parking brake
  • BMS - battery management system
  • SAS service - steering angle sensor
  • DPF service - diesel particulate filter
  • IMMO service - immobilizer
  • Brake bleed
  • Seats/window/door/roof
  • Throttle

What vehicles are these Autel units compatible with?

These affordable units are compatible with most makes and models from 1996 to present. Check the description for your cars make and year to ensure that they are compatible with each other. Autel units that are compatible with your vehicle will ensure that your cars diagnostics and repairs run smoothly.

How can Autel readers help you to fix different problems?

Not only does the Autel unit diagnose the problem, some models will also give troubleshooting guides to correct the problem without the help of a professional. Additionally, the unit will reset the error codes displayed on the dash, so that you will be informed about your cars current status. A code reader and scanner can help you keep your car running in an efficient manner. To keep your unit up-to-date, system software updates are available from the manufacturers website.

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