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BALL Watches Combine Accuracy With Beauty and Function

As train travel became more common in the late 1800s, it was essential for railroad engineers to have accurate timepieces. This allowed them to avoid other trains and collisions. In 1891, one engineer's watch was off by just a few minutes, leading to a double train wreck that killed 11 people. In response, the railroad hired Webb C. Ball to institute changes to the system and avoid crashes in the future. Ball's legacy lives on as the BALL watch company, operating with the creed of accuracy under adverse conditions.

Are all BALL watch collections related to the railroad industry?

In the early 1900s, it was an established fact that if you wanted to know the correct time, you asked a railroad worker. This was due in large part to Webb C. Ball's hard work and innovations to ensure accuracy on all railroad timepieces. BALL watches embrace the strength of their history with the railroad and Ball's contributions by creating collections that celebrate the hard work and innovation of railroad workers. Their collections include:

  • Official Railroad Watch
  • Engineer Model II and III
  • Engineer M, Master II, and Hydrocarbon
  • Trainmaster
  • Conductor, Fireman, and Roadmaster
What is the GMT function on a BALL watch?

The BALL watch company was the first watch company to include a day and date function on their watches. Combined with a 24-hour time zone display, the watch shows the time all over the world. A disk engraved with the names of the world's major cities rotates in the opposite direction of the watch's hands to indicate the corresponding time in that city. A total of 28 different geographic zones are featured, so you will know what time it is at home or away, no matter where you are traveling. The second time zone is even illuminated by Swiss micro gas light tubes.

Are the micro gas tubes recharged by sunlight?

Ball watches use Swiss laser technology to illuminate their watches. Self-powered micro gas tubes provide illumination without sunlight or batteries. The light produced from these tubes is approximately 100 times brighter than luminous paint used by other watch brands. Since these watched do not have to be recharged in any way, their dials will eventually lose some of their illumination. However, the average lifespan of these tubes is 25 years. A vintage watch may lose its illumination, but it will not lose its accuracy.

BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon BALL Roadmaster M Icebreaker BALL Trainmaster Standard
Case Size 42mm 40mm 39.5mm
Water Resistant 300m 100m 30m
Shock Resistant 7500Gs 5000Gs 5000Gs
Band Type Titanium and stainless or rubber Stainless steel Stainless steel
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