Badger Sport roupas para Homens

Badger Sport Clothing for Men

Badger Sport is a North Carolina sportswear company that provides team uniforms and athletic wear for different kinds of sports. They make shorts, fleeces, T-shirts, pants, outerwear, hoodies, polos, and much more. Their sportswear is designed for a wide range of different athletic pursuits.

Does Badger Sport sell sportswear for specific sports?

Badger makes functional sportswear for baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, football, basketball, track, tennis, and golf as well as basic training and warm-up gear for all types of seasons and outdoor conditions. Also, Badger sells various accessories, including sports bags, headbands, and arm sleeves.

Can Badger sportswear withstand intense exercise and game day performance?

Badger sportswear is specifically designed to meet the demands of athletes or anyone else who regularly engages in intense physical activity on a consistent basis. All Badger sportswear undergoes a three-step process in an attempt to create consistency and performance with the garments that are produced. Badger works hard to ensure that the colors will not fade or bleed under exposure to light or when washed after each wearing. This protection should last over the natural lifespan of the clothing and can increase each garment's longevity.

What are the advantages of choosing Badger sportswear?

Badger sportswear incorporates several essential features such as moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology. The moisture-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate from the exterior of the clothing. The antimicrobial technology incorporates silver ions directly into the structure of the fabric to protect against microbes and suppress noxious odors. Also, Badger sportswear features a cool, breathable surface that can leave athletes feeling fresh and dry even after maximum exertion. The customer can also print their team logo on the surface of the fabric.

Can you choose between different types of fabrics?

Badger has created several different types of specialized fabrics depending on what is needed. B-Core Interlock sportswear features a polyester fabric with a specialized interlock knit to ensure consistent quality and comfort. Tri-Bland sportswear combines high-performance polyester with the soft feel of cotton and rayon fabric. Ultimate Softlock sportswear uses durable ultraviolet ray-resistant filaments that deliver a flexible and ultra-soft feel. The brand's B-Tech sportswear line combines an authentic cotton-like feel with a small amount of stretchy spandex. All categories of sportswear feature multiple types of fabrics that customers can choose from.

Does Badger offer any sportswear collections?

Badger does offer specially themed sportswear. For example, their Pro Heather collection features a 100% heathered polyester design that's intended to withstand cold weather and moisture. The Digital collection adds a digital pattern to the clothing, while the Embossed collection has a unique watermark design. Badger offers many other sportswear collections to consumers.

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