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Baldor Variable Frequency Drives and Amplifiers

Baldor variable frequency drives and amps are designed for industrial applications. Many frequency drive designs that are suitable for different kinds of businesses are available, so you can easily select a product that suits specific industrial needs. The process of renovating a space with multiple drives and amps is simple because Baldor has a variety of bulky, slim, and compact products for industrial gadgets.

What product generates reasonable power?

The Baldor VS1GV440 is equipped with hardware that generates 40 horsepower. This product has a V/Hz mode, and you can operate the equipment with a low power setting.

What gadget generates low horsepower?

Variable frequency drives with AC washdown duty hardware produce less horsepower. The ID15H405-W is a suitable option for traditional industrial tasks because it has 5 horsepower motor components.

What product has multiple horsepower settings?

ZD18H515 Baldor vector drives are designed with hardware that produces 10, 15, and 20 horsepower. Many vents are placed along the base of these units, so heating problems do not occur when the motor reaches the highest horsepower level.

What are the design specs for a compact product?

Compact frequency drives are typically designed with a 20 horsepower motor that operates in multiple phases. These products also have a special housing that can be mounted on a wall. The H2 Baldor compact unit is worth considering because:

  • It has convenient buttons on the base that are easy to use.
  • The housing does not take up a lot of space on a wall.
  • The electric hardware only requires 240 volts.
What products can reduce energy costs?

Redi-Flo variable frequency drives by Baldor can reduce energy costs because they have 3 horsepower hardware. These gadgets are compact and can be placed in a practical spot in an industrial environment.

What product can boost efficiency throughout large industrial projects?

Industrial frequency drives that are suitable for major projects must have increased horsepower. The ID15H4400-EO is a practical option for these situations, since it can generate 400 horsepower. Workers can manage the equipment easily while projects are in progress while using this practical Baldor unit, because it has technology that adjusts torque.

What are the specs for an adjustable speed drive?

Adjustable speed drives are built with a solid metal housing. On this housing, there is usually a panel that has multiple buttons. The voltage spec will vary depending on a product's design. In many cases, a unit will need at least 460 volts. Adjustable speed products by Baldor usually generate 75 horsepower.