Bev Doolittle Art Prints

Tips to Help You Select Bev Doolittle Art Prints

Bev Doolittle art prints available on eBay reflect the artists body of work stretching over several decades in which she painted scenes of the American Southwest. Original signed prints are handsome collectors items as well as understated, elegant additions to your home or office decor. Here are some tips to help you narrow your choices.

How do you know which prints are signed?

As a general rule, limited editions are always signed, which partly accounts for their higher value. Limited editions are prints struck from a single plate on one or two occasions. The prints are numbered in order of printing, and the artist signs each print. Sellers on eBay identify limited editions, including the prints number in a given sequence. Signed limited editions include:

  • The Forest Has Eyes
  • The Sentinel
  • Spirit Takes Flight
  • When the Wind Had Wings
  • Where Silence Speaks
Do you have to keep the mat and framing?

You may change the mat mounting and frame as you desire to suit your tastes and decor. Mounting fine art prints on mat board and framing is more than just for display; it protects the artwork from the elements, scratching, and bending. Most eBay sellers offer prints matted and framed. Occasionally, there is a double-mat setup for added stability. Art prints on eBay are typically unused, gently used, or in excellent condition, owing primarily to how carefully sellers have mounted, framed, and preserved their prints.

What printing techniques can you choose?

Pieces fall into various printmaking categories, such as stone lithograph and giclu001ae. Stone lithograph prints involve the use of a stone or metal plate plus ink to print artwork onto paper. Giclu001ae involves the use of high-quality printers that deploy premium inks onto museum-grade canvas. The end result looks like oil on canvas, but it possesses the digital precision of a finely printed photograph. Other print categories include etching and aquatint.

What about lesser-known works?

This artist is so prolific that youre likely to find her creations emblazoned on tin boxes and jewelry cases. Her work also appears on videos, books, calendars, open edition prints, and rare works available on eBay. The rarities include:

  • Hide and Seek Composite
  • The Ghost of the Grizzly Tree
  • Woodland Encounter
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