Bikini Bottoms for Women

Bikini bottoms are available in many different styles and for every shape. Whether youre working with a flat rear or a full one, there is a fun and flattering bathing suit bottom for you. Learning about the wide selection available can help you when looking for the right bikini bottom.

What are the different styles of bikini bottoms?

Bikini bottoms come in a variety of cuts and styles. Womens bathing suit pieces can be purchased separately, making it easy to choose the style you want.

  • Classic bikini: The classic cut is neither too high nor too low and creates a traditional triangle look in front and back.
  • Hipster: This type of bikini bottom offers a bit more coverage than the classic style while maintaining the same basic shape.
  • Boy shorts: Boy shorts cover more than other bikini styles. They go well with a traditional bikini top, a bandeau, or a tankini.
  • Tie-side: Bikini bottoms with ties on the side give you the benefit of adjustability. The ties may be threaded through the top of the entire bikini and pulled horizontally, or they may be on the sides and pulled vertically.
  • Cheeky: Also known as Brazilian, cheeky bikini bottoms are similar to classic ones, except the rear is cut high to be more revealing.
  • High-waisted: This type of swimsuit bottom offers a more retro look. With fuller coverage, these high-waisted bottoms provide a fun alternative for the beach.
  • Thong: The thong bikini is the bathing suit bottom for women who want to show off their summer bods. Minimal in front and barely there in back, thongs are the most revealing option.
How do you choose the right bikini bottom?

With all of the choices available, it helps to know which swimsuit shape fits your body type.

  • Round, athletic, small: Brazilian is a good choice. The high cheeks accentuate without revealing too much.
  • Flat or bottom-heavy: Go for the tie-side. The ties draw attention from your rear and allow you to adjust to add shape.
  • Straight or narrow hips: Boy shorts are your friend in this instance. The cut of this bikini gives the illusion of curves.
  • Curvy: High-waisted swimsuit bottoms lift and cover, creating a well-rounded appearance.
  • Rectangular or wide: A hipster bikini creates attractive lines for these body shapes. Hipster bathing suits can be worn easily with tankinis, halters, bandeaus, strappy bikini tops, and more.
How do you coordinate a bikini top with a bottom?

It is important to coordinate the styles of both the bikini top and bottom.

  • Feel free to match solid colors. For example, a black bottom goes with a red bikini top.
  • Keep the top and bottom fabrics similar.
  • Choose a coordinating solid if one of your bikini pieces is a print. For example, a floral print with pink, green, and blue flowers would go well with a solid in any of those three colors.
  • If youre wearing a bottom with more coverage, like with a skirted bikini, choose a bikini top with similar coverage rather than something more revealing.