Bikini Tops for Women

Bikinis are a type of swimwear to use at the lake, the pool, or the beach. You may already have a pair of bikini bottoms, but you may be looking for one or more bikini tops to complete your look, like a seashell-style top or bandeau. With many different bikini top looks available for you to discover, this guide can help you choose.

What are some of the neck styles for a bikini top?

When you view some of the swimwear tops available, you may notice that each has a seemingly different neckline. For example, some plunge very low and show an ample amount of cleavage. You can also find halter tops that may or may not have a plunging neckline. An alternative to a halter bikini is a bandeau. A bandeau wraps around your upper section with material that is usually the same width around the entire upper torso. This type of swimwear has relatively high neck coverage in comparison to other types of bikini tops.

What are the size options for a bikini top?

When you shop around for a new bikini and view the options, such as a halter or seashell bikini, you will notice that these options have different sizing schemes. For example, many tops for women have a small, medium or large size. Others have a sizing system that is similar to dresses or pants, such as 2, 4, 6 and so forth. Others use a bra sizing system.

What are some strap styles for a bikini top?

The straps on different bikini top looks can play a major role in your comfort when you swim or lounge around. Some women enjoy a low or high halter swimsuit or a seashell bikini because these bikini tops tie behind the neck. By adjusting the neck strap on tops, such as with a halter, some women are able to generate more support in their chest. Others enjoy an over-the-shoulder look, as this may be more comfortable to wear or provide more support when swimming or being active. The features on some tops, such as a halter, may correspond well with bottoms on a bikini, and other bikini top styles do not have straps at all.

What features should women look for in a bikini top?

You may have a specific type of swimwear in mind, such as a halter swimsuit or a seashell bikini. However, the type of the bikini is not the only factor to consider. For example, you may prefer to have a bikini top that has extra padding so that it is not as revealing. Perhaps you want a push-up bikini top that will hold you up higher. Some women prefer a bikini top with underwire for more support.