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Black Stud Earrings

Many people might think that a stud is a single-stone earring only, but the jewelry term stud actually describes all types of earrings that don't dangle. Black stud earrings can be worn by just about anyone. If you're looking for an everyday design or something more formal, it's fun to explore your options.

How does the earring fasten to the ear?

A stud earring typically goes through the pierced lobe of the ear, but there are many ways for the earring to fasten to the ear. Once you find a black design you like, it's important to look at the fastening so you know how it will attach. Some examples of attachment styles include:

  • Screw back: The back is screwed into place on the post.
  • Butterfly: This is a common fastening where the back is pushed onto the post.
  • Hook: There might be a small hook that goes through the back of the ear.
  • Leverback: This type of fastening clicks into place.
  • Magnetic: This is an option if you don't have pierced ears.
What is the black design on the earring?

In order to choose black studs, it's important to look at the earring’s overall design. You can choose a simple, sophisticated, or whimsical design. Here are some types of black stud earrings you might encounter.

  • Stone: You can select cubic zirconia, black diamond, or onyx.
  • Black pearl: Choose a dark gray or black pearl.
  • Crystal: Black crystals are available.
  • Metal: Carbon fiber and other metals might be made in black.
  • Novelty designs: Shells, animals, shapes, spiders, and more might be available in a black stud.
What are the different materials?

You should look at the materials in the earrings. The post of the earring is particularly important if you are allergic to certain metals. You might need a gold or titanium post to avoid an allergic reaction to sterling silver. There are also different materials for the stud earrings themselves, such as:

  • Stone
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Wood
What should you look for when buying black stud earrings?

Finding black stud earrings is easier than you might think. Consider a few different aspects so that you know how to search more effectively.

  • Post material: Look to see whether the post on the earrings is gold, sterling silver, or another material.
  • Design: Determine what gives the earrings the black color: Is it a crystal, diamond, or an acrylic design?
  • Gauge: The gauge is the size of the piercing itself, with 18 gauge being standard.
  • Gender: Some stud earrings specify whether they are for men, women, or both.