Blue Dresses for Women

Blue dresses are staples in the wardrobes of many women. No matter the style, hue, or length, there is an aqua-colored dress to suit most tastes. When choosing a dress, you will be able to choose from an array of style options as well as the many shades of blue, from a pale powdery shade to a deep navy with brilliant electric blues in between.

What types of night-out blue dresses area available?
  • Sleeveless sapphire dresses with halter tops that hug the neck are common for this type of occasion because they can be either casual, seductive, or formal. Choose a halter dress that fits the setting.
  • A navy dress with a low neckline offers a more seductive look.
  • Aqua-colored sequin dresses are available for going out, and they add the glimmer and glitz that can add extra excitement to a fancy dress evening.
Which cocktail party dress styles are on offer?

A cocktail party is usually formal and very elegant. You could opt for a number of blue dress styles that could fit right home at a chic cocktail evening.

  • An aqua chiffon gives a soft and elegant look.
  • A navy blue dress with a pencil skirt and bare arms is also suitable.
  • Cyan flowy dresses are gentle, feminine choices for the occasion.
  • An aquamarine gown with matching pearl necklace is a more formal option.
  • You could also choose a preppy cobalt dress for a chic, carefree look.
What are some full-figured dress options in blue?

There are an array of blue dresses that are suitable for curvy women or are available in plus sizes. Because clothing is designed to fit the wearer's body and not the other way around, the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a dress that's both beautiful and flattering.

  • Chiffon dresses: Although usually long in length, chiffon dresses are flowy and can be as short or as long as the wearer wants them. These dresses flatter your body at any size with a feminine look. They can range in color from a soft powder blue to a brilliant, bright blue.
  • Wrap dresses: A wrap dress adjusts easily to your body and can be found in an array of blue shades and patterns. Choose a sapphire floral print or a sky blue geometric print in a comfortable, flattering wrap.
  • Gowns: A jade gown without sleeves or a maxi dress can show off your curves and also provide coverage if you desire. You can also choose an option with a long leg slit for a sexy look. An elegant wrap can complement any gown that bares the shoulders.