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Boden Coats and Jackets for Women

Coats and jackets are pieces of outerwear for the cooler months of the year but that can be worn as fashion during any season. These Boden coats and jackets for women come in an array of sizes that are divided into the categories of regular, petite, and plus sizes. These items of clothing are made from a wide range of different materials that include wool, cotton, down, polyester, and leather.

What are the different styles of coats to select from?
  • Blazer: This is a type of formal jacket that usually comes in a solid color.
  • Motorcycle jacket: This is a type of outerwear that consists entirely of leather and usually extends down to the waist.
  • Parka: This is a long coat that normally comes with a hood. This type of coat is typically made from some form of animal skin or faux fur.
  • Pea coat: This is an overcoat that is comprised of a woolen cloth and is relatively short in length, usually extending to just below the waist. This type of coat is primarily made in dark blue or black.
  • Trench coat: This is a type of raincoat that is fastened with a belt and is lined on the inside with some form of padding, such as cotton. The wrists also typically consist of straps that can be closed.
Which patterns and themes are available with these Boden jackets?

These Boden jackets and coats feature an array of different themes and patterns like polka dots and stripes. The primary themes that you can select from with this Boden outerwear include college, military, hippie, army, and embellished. Among the many different patterns available to you, the most common include animal prints, floral patterns, plaid patterns, and geometric patterns.

What are some colors that these Boden jackets come in?

These coats and jackets by Boden come in various colors with the most common being red and black. A number of the additional colors that are available to you include navy, ivory, brown, beige, blue, purple, and white. You might also want to consider a jacket or coat that is constructed from multi-colored fabrics with combinations like green and purple and blue and black.

Which necklines are available with these Boden garments?

These items come with a variety of neckline types, primarily those of V and Y necklines. It is also possible to select one of these coats or jackets with an asymmetrical neckline, which involves any type of neckline where one side of the garment is cut differently than the other side.

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