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Bootie Slippers for Men

Bootie slippers have been an item worn by women for some time; however, these days they are becoming increasingly appreciated and worn by men. If you are a man in the market for new slippers, you may want to consider looking into options within this versatile category. If you are unsure of where you should start, consider the following questions in order to help determine which styles and products will best suit your needs and purposes.

What exactly is a bootie slipper?

To put it simply, a bootie slipper is precisely what it sounds like: a slipper that is designed to resemble a boot. These slippers may or may not be as tall as one might expect from a boot. They are available in a variety of styles that are suited for various purposes and seasons.

Can all bootie slippers be worn both indoors and outdoors?

No, but some designs can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Whether or not a design is suitable for an outdoor environment is determined by the type of sole that is in place. Those that include a soft sole are typically not suitable for outdoor environments. This is because they are more susceptible to variables in surface hardness and moisture, both of which may compromise structural integrity. Hard sole slippers are a better choice if you intend to wear them outdoors, and they may be listed as \"outdoor sole.\" Some even include insulation for wearing outdoors in colder temperatures.

How do men's slipper sizes compare to men's shoe sizes?

This will generally vary by brand. Some brands will list numbers for sizing purposes. In cases such as this, the numbers listed will usually correspond directly with the common sizes for shoes, unless otherwise specified within the product listing. See manufacturer sites for details. Other brands may list sizes as Small through XX-Large. In these cases, the typical conversions are as follows:

  • Small = US 7-8, European 40-41
  • Medium = US 9-10, European 42-43
  • Large = US 11-12, European 44-45
  • X-Large = US 13-14, European 46-47
  • XX-Large = US 15-16, European 48-49
What types of materials do men's bootie slippers use?

Depending on the purpose, materials may vary. High-end products may feature materials such as leather or suede. Others may feature materials such as cotton, polyester, or fleece. Insulated items may feature a combination of these materials. Some products may feature a rubber or plastic sole. Products designed for outdoor use will generally feature more rugged materials for enhanced durability. Primary materials are usually listed within product descriptions.