Shed Building Plans and Blueprints

Building a shed for your home or property can offer storage solutions for extra items that wont squeeze into your garage, like lawn and garden tools and machines or hunting and fishing gear. With some additions like insulation and electricity to basic shed plans, a shed can be transformed into a tiny house plan that can be used as a guest house, man-cave, or she-shed. Shed plans and blueprints can help you with all the steps and materials needed to build your dream shed.

Do you need a concrete foundation for your shed?

A shed can be built with either a concrete foundation or with a wood floor that rests on deck blocks. A shed design with a wood bottom can be moved around the backyard with the right heavy equipment. A shed built on a concrete foundation or slab is a more permanent structure. Check with the building and zoning codes in your local municipality as well for any permit issues or requirements regarding pouring a concrete slab foundation.

Can a shed be turned into a tiny house/cabin?

Its possible to build a small house or cabin from a shed design if the building plan is modified by a professional or an individual who is knowledgeable about home construction. Before converting the design and beginning construction, check the building zoning code in your city or municipality for any and all required permits and restrictions.

Can you add a loft to a shed?

Its possible to add a loft to a storage shed, but the functionality will depend upon the design of the shed.

  • A saltbox-style roof, with a steep pitch and one side shorter than the other side, will offer very minimal headroom but may offer some additional storage area.
  • A gambrel-style roof, with an inverted U-shape, offers an ideal amount of headroom. This will allow the space to be used not only for storage but potentially for living space.
  • A gable roof, with both sides equal in length and pitch, offers some headroom depending upon the overall size and height of the shed.
Are special materials needed to build a garden shed?

Most shed plans include a detailed material list to build the shed, including these key elements:

  • Deck blocks, band joists, and floor posts.
  • Plywood sheathing, lumber, and hardware.
  • Siding, roofing, and optional windows.
Does a shed need a gable roof?

This type is the most common roof found on sheds; both sides are the same length, and it sits in the shape of a triangle on the top of your shed. For additional storage space in your shed, a loft can be built as well.