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Burberry Raincoats for Women

Trench coats come in a wide palette of colors, weights, lengths, and materials. A Burberry trench can complement your existing wardrobe. Different trench coats suit many climates and fashion preferences since trench coats can range from being lightweight to lined to having a hood.

What is a Burberry trench coat?

Burberry creates trench coats for women are created in a variety of sizes, fits, fabrics, colors, and lengths. Whether you are looking for a rain jacket, a leather jacket, a tartan or a print, Burberry coats are made in styles that will suit your needs year-round. Founded in 1856 in England by Thomas Burberry, the brand is now a luxury fashion house that is most known for its tartan trench coat pattern, which is copied and produced worldwide.

What styles are Burberry coats?

The Burberry trench coat is available in a wide variety of styles, and you can find a selection of rain jackets and all-weather trench coats in both single- and double-breasted varieties. Select from trench coats that fall below the knees, mid-length, and those that are mid-thigh or above the knees. Choose your coat by style, color, material, and length to suit your taste and to complement your wardrobe. There are three main Burberry jacket styles, and they are described here:

  • Brit: This is the classic Burberry trench coat and is the British trench jacket that soldiers wore during World War I. The Brit trench coat has a casual look. It has a warm lining and is secured with a belt around the middle.
  • London: The London line of coats comes in both single-breasted and double-breasted designs. All-weather materials make this coat a good option for women who want to choose a coat that doubles as a rain jacket.
  • Prorsum Burberry: Prorsum Burberry coats are the plush coats. Made from luxury materials such as leather, python, sateen, gabardine, calfskin, and mink, Porsum Burbuerry coats have a slim, streamlined, double-breasted fit.
How do you choose the right size trench coat?

To ensure a proper fit for your jacket, know all your measurements in advance. Before shopping, measure your bust, hips, and waist with a tape measure so that you can purchase a trench coat that is just the right size for your body. You can then follow the size guide according to your measurements to ensure a proper fit.