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Burberry Brit Women's Trench

Burberry has created many trench coat styles for women that can be worn for all types of occasions. When you learn more about the different types of trench coats available from Burberry, you will be able to find the right style that appeals to you. Explore the following questions to learn more about this Burberry Brit women's trench collection.

What are some women's trench coat styles available from Burberry?

There are four main styles of trench coats for women available from Burberry. One, the Chelsea, is a mid-length coat. Another, the Sandringham, is a long coat. For those who are interested in a larger trench size, the Kensington is an extra-long size. The Westminster is also an extra-long size. These are available in a wide range of color options and materials to help you find the Burberry coat that suits your style and needs.

In what weather can you wear a Burberry trench coat?

The Burberry brand of women's trench coats may be worn in a wide range of weather conditions. For example, a cotton or plastic-and-laminate Brit trench coat from Burberry in black or other colors may be suitable for moderately chilly days that may be foggy or damp. A leather coat in a trench style may help keep you warm and dry, and this may be truer when you choose a coat that has a long or extra-long size from Burberry. Additionally, a wool coat from this brand can be worn to keep in warmth on cold days. Furthermore, a Burberry Brit trench coat for women in black or other classic colors of wool may be especially warm when you buy a coat in a larger size.

What colors and materials does Burberry offer in trench coats?

One way to personalize your Burberry Brit trench coat is to choose your favorite material, such as leather or wool. However, you can further differentiate your coat from others by selecting the right size and color. Most color options are available in all sizes. These colors of trench coats from Burberry include blue, black, beige, tan, white, red, and others. Some of the materials available are cashmere, gabardine, and silk.

What differentiates a Burberry Brit trench coat?

Designed for a wide variety of occasions, including business, casual, evening, formal, and outdoor, Burberry Brit trench coats have been worn by women since 1856. With proper care, the features of these coats can be preserved so that the coats can be worn for many years to come.

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