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Butter Dishes

A butter dish is typically a container with a lid that holds stick butter or round butter. The purpose of these dishes is to let the butter soften, while simultaneously providing a safe and germ-free method outside of the refrigerator. A butter dish can be made of many materials like ceramic, glass, or plastic and can be utilitarian or decorative in appearance.

What brands of these storage dishes are there?

  • Wedgewood - Wedgewood has a line of white stoneware dishes to store stick or round butter.
  • Pioneer Woman - The Pioneer woman has many kitchen cookware collections and most have a matching butter dish.
  • Fiesta - A colorful group to match any fiesta kitchen table setting.
  • Jacques Pepin - Chickens are the motif in this charming collection from Jacques Pepin made exclusively for Sur La Table.
  • Waterford - Crystal glassware is what Waterford is known for and these dishes are lovely examples of crystal.
  • Pfaltzgraff - Pfaltzgraff offers these dishes in many colorful styles and shapes.
  • Godlinger - A Godlinger dish is usually a cut glass dish that adds sparkle to the table.
  • Mikasa - An elegant butter dish is the perfect complement to a stylish dinner party and Mikasa has many beautiful stoneware dishes to consider.
  • Food Network - The Food Network has the butter dish to match any kitchen tableware with its large variety of glass and ceramic dishes.
  • Martha Stewart - The Martha Stewart Whiteware collection is made specifically for Macy's and is a white porcelain butter dish in a timeless, versatile style that will complement any table setting.

What are the different types and styles of storage dishes?

There are many types of dishes available in which to store stick or round butter. These dishes are usually made of ceramic, stoneware, crystal, or cut glass. Most are oblong in shape, to easily store butter in stick form, but some of the dishes are round in shape. A solid, unadorned style is the most common style. Sometimes, though, the dishes are in different shapes like cows or roosters.

Are there vintage dishes available on the market?

There are many high-quality vintage dishes that are unique in design. Determining whether a butter dish is old or new can be hard to do as many designs today emulate past styles. However, many vintage dishes are part of known makers and designs such as Majolica, Staffordshire, Blue Willow, Lufton, Royal Winton, Limoges, and Spode. These represent some of the more well-known companies and styles.