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Butterfly Table Tennis Goods

Butterfly Table Tennis Equipment

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a much-loved sport around the world, attracting players of all ages. If you play this sport, having the right equipment can help to improve your gameplay. Butterfly is a manufacturer and distributor of table-tennis equipment.

What types of blades are available for table tennis bats?

Table tennis bats, commonly referred to as paddles or rackets, are comprised of a handle and blade. The blade is the flat, wooden paddle of the bat, which is covered with rubber. Blades are made with variations to suit different styles and levels of play and have associated categories. These include the following.

  • OFF+, OFF, and OFF- : These denote, in order, all-out offensive play, direct offensive play, and medium offensive play.
  • ALL+, ALL, and ALL- : These denote, in order, all-around offensive play with mixed topspin shots, all-around play, including attack and control shots, and all-around play with an emphasis on control and consistency.
  • DEF: This denotes play with an emphasis on defensive play and the ability to chop at all distances.
Why do some blades have a carbon-fiber layer?

For table-tennis players who desire to improve their power-play game with big hits, the use of a blade that combines traditional wood construction with a carbon-fiber layer can be a good choice. The carbon-fiber coating adds a layer of strength and reinforcement to the blade, giving the bat a harder-hitting feel. It also increases the overall size of the sweet spot of the bat, allowing the player to hit more consistently over time.

What kind of rubber is on the blade?

The rubber surface thats added over the blade of your bat racket is the substance that impacts the amount and type of spin that you can put on the ball. Rubber coverings fall into these five different categories.

  • Inverted: This versatile type of rubber surface is seen on many rackets. It creates great amounts of spin due to its overall tackiness.
  • Short pips: This style takes an inverted sheet of rubber and turns it upside down on the blade. This creates a surface that is good for defense because it does not allow for as much spin to be created when you hit the ball.
  • Long pips: The length of these pips allows you to reverse the spin of your opponents hit because the longer pips bend on impact.
  • No sponge: A short pip surface with no sponge padding, this surface reduces the spin of the ball and slows the ball down.
  • Anti spin: A smart choice for the reverse side of your bat, this surface features a slick, inverted rubber sheet with a layer of sponge referred to as "dead sponge." This allows you to send a ball back to your opponent with almost no spin.
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