Corpo de carro e caminhão Molduras e Acabamentos

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Car and Truck Exterior Moldings and Trims

Car and truck exterior moldings and trims provide an enhanced appearance for your vehicle. These parts also protect the exterior of the vehicle from scratches or chips that can occur from dirt and debris.

How do you install body side molding on a vehicle?

Vehicle molding serves to increase the appeal of the automobile which it is installed on. It also provides a certain heightened protection for the vehicle as well. To install body side molding on a vehicle, following the below instructions will help.

  • Ensuring that you are working in an environment that is between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure proper adhesion, outline the area in which you wish to install the moulding with painters tape.
  • Remove any dust, soot, grime, or grease from the area with soap and water. Dry the area thoroughly before proceeding with the molding installation.
  • Cut the molding to the proper length to create the right fit. You can line up the molding to the bottom edging of tape you placed on your vehicle.
  • Remove the adhesive tape along the back of the molding piece. Apply it in place and place enough pressure on the piece to secure it tightly without damaging the piece itself.
  • Remove the painters tape and allow the adhesive to set for a few days.
What types of trim and molding can enhance a vehicle?

When youre looking to enhance the exterior design of your car or truck for strictly aesthetic purposes, there are a number of items that can do the trick. There are myriad molding and trim types that can provide both style and safety, but here are a few of the more common examples:

  • Car and truck body kits: There are different types of body kits including full body kits and smaller lip kits. It all depends on whether you want your kit to span the entire walls and floor of your vehicle (for which you'd need a full body kit), just along the doors (for which you'd need side skirts), or along the front (for which you'd need a lip kit).
  • Emblems: If you like to show your pride for your vehicle, consider changing out your car’s emblems or add new ones.
  • Weather stripping: After years of wear and tear, your car’s weather stripping could be faded and cracking. Replacing your weather stripping can help make your car look like it’s brand new.