Outros Carros e picapes decalques e Vinil

Car & Truck Decals and Stickers

When it comes to owning a car, customization is part of the fun. It’s also an easy and affordable way to put your own personal stamp on your vehicle and make it truly stand out from other cars. There are several simple ways to personalize your car, including the use of simple car stickers, car decals, and easy to use vehicle wraps. Turn your car into a racing machine with stripes, or add dimension to the exterior with shimmering wraps. Change your mind? Remove decals easily and add something different.

Stick it On

Car stickers are the most inexpensive way to add humor, personality, or visual interest to your vehicle. Stickers adhere to any surface, including the body or the rear window. Personalize stickers with your favorite saying, band, or name, or purchase stickers that reflect your interests, such as sports, gardening, animals, or even comic book or movie characters you enjoy. Stickers apply without the aid of any added sealants, as they generally peel from the backing and affix where you desire. Stickers are simple to remove and usually weatherproof so they last longer. 

Wrap it Up

Vehicle wraps are an interesting and appealing way to transform your car into something completely new and different. These wraps come in sheets that can be cut to fit any portion of your car using a utility knife. The possibilities are endless, as wraps come in every color of the spectrum, as well as a variety of finishes, including glossy and matte. Use a squeegee to remove trapped air bubbles from the adhesive wrap as you apply it, creating a smooth surface. Vehicle wraps work well on the exterior of your vehicle as well as the interior parts, such as the console and glove box. Add a sporty look with carbon fiber wraps, or create an eye-catching, colorful design with glossy aqua, gold, or orange wraps. Wraps generally last for up to seven years, or whenever you decide to replace or reapply them.

Decorate It

Decals are a fun and temporary way to decorate your car. Car decals made of vinyl are thick and long lasting, and usually withstand the elements well. Decals simply peel off and adhere to any surface of your car to create a custom look, design, or feel. Add long racing stripes or flames to mimic the look of your favorite race cars, or add cool graphics to your car, such as skulls, pets, sports team logos, or your favorite sayings. Decals peel away easily so they are never permanent, which makes them even more appealing.