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Car & Truck Glass

Automotive glass not only offers basic comfort while driving, but is also critical to auto safety. The addition of a tint to your windshield can further improve safety and comfort by reducing UV rays. Replacement of affected windows and windshield maintenance is critical to car care.

What is the back window of a car called?

The windows at the front and back of your car are called windshields. This name originated in the early days of cars when they were manufactured without roofs. The glass at the back of a car is commonly referred to as a rear windshield.

How do you choose the right truck or car glass?

The manufacturer and make of your vehicle specify the general type and shape of auto glass your windows require. Your personal choice determines the make and tint of your windows. To choose, consider these options:

  • Glass type - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass, dealer glass, or aftermarket glass.
  • Tempered glass - This is the recommended type for body windows.
  • Laminated glass - This type is a safe option for windshields.
  • Tints - You can choose the darkness, type of UV protection, to add glare reduction, or other features.
Why do glass chips and cracks grow?

What starts out as a tiny chip from a stray rock or gravel can quickly turn into a huge crack. Once a crack grows, it compromises the structure of one of the more important safety features in your vehicle. Understanding what causes them to grow can help you prevent chips from spreading across your whole window.

  • Temperature changes
  • Moisture
  • Physical shock
  • Dirt and debris
  • Intense sunshine
When should you replace your auto glass?

Window chips can be repaired if you take care of them as soon as theyre detected. However, once they grow into cracks, its time for replacement car or truck glass. Cracks weaken auto glass which makes it less protective.

What is a car window made of?

Automotive glass is made out of a piece of plastic film laminated between two layers of curved glass. This type of glass shatters into tiny chips instead of large chunks. Modern car and truck glass improves automotive safety and should be maintained like any other critical safety feature in your vehicle.

How does window tinting work?

The application of a specialized window film results in window tint. This may be done by a professional to prevent bubbles or wrinkles that reduce visibility and the appeal of your auto. You do not need to be a professional though to understand how it works.

  • Window film - This is a thin layer of plastic film that is applied to the glass in your vehicle.
  • UV protection - This film not only provides UV protection, it can function like sunglasses, protecting your eyes and interior of your car or truck from the suns rays.
  • Glare reduction - This type of window film, also known as tint, increases visibility when driving in snow, rain, and bright sun.