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Car and Truck Grilles

Grilles serve as the face of your vehicle, and they can give your ride a look that is recognizable and distinct. Usually located at the truck’s front, the grille covers the opening in the car or truck and allows for free airflow while protecting the engine and radiator.

What are the available truck grille designs?

Various designs of truck grilles have different manufacturing processes and overall appearances. This influences their suitability to different uses. The following are some of the available truck grille designs that you can choose from based on the model of your truck:

  • Mesh truck grilles: This type of grille features fine cross-sections that resemble a mesh. The styles included here are oval, hexagon, perforated, diamond, and simple woven-wire types. Mesh truck grilles are available as inserts and are common substitutes for billet truck grilles. Mesh grilles and billets both help prevent debris from getting into the truck’s air intake or fans while protecting other interior parts. Mesh grilles are used on custom applications where grilles were not incorporated in the design, and they can have a durable, coated finish in silver, black, or white.
  • Custom laser-cut grilles: These are found in bolt-on and insert styles and are made of sheet metals shaped into various designs. Flames, logos, patterns, spiderwebs, and skulls are common designs of custom laser-cut truck grilles.
  • Tube-style grilles: These grilles use a series of plastic or welded metal tubes to form the grille and are usually found on bolt-on style grilles. These are well-suited to larger truck models. Tube-style grilles can offer considerably more protection to the radiator and the front parts of a full-size truck in case of a collision.
  • Bolt-on overlay grilles: These items are bolted onto the truck’s frame, extending slightly beyond the body to add an additional layer of protection. While some bolt-on styles are light and meant only to protect the truck’s body from minor dents and abrasions, others are heavy-duty and meant to offer intensive protection when there is a collision. Similar to insert-grille styles, bolt-on overlay designs are available in chrome, iron, and stainless steel.The variety of styles and designs of truck grilles can give you a lot of options for your car or truck. Choosing a grille that works with your model of truck, your personal style, and your intended use for the vehicle is as simple as considering the options.