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Car & Truck Lighting & Lamps 

Dont settle for one size fits all when it comes to your SUV, truck or car lights. With the wide variety of aftermarket lighting and lamps available, you get to decide how your ride looks. Everyone knows the standard type of lighting found on vehicles (tail lights, headlights and brake lights), but most people forget about the off-road, long range, flood and fog lights. Use the various car lights and accessories available to make your vehicle safer.

Customize Your Lighting

Flood lights are ideal for off-roading during inclement weather thanks to the additional illumination provided by the wider beam delivered by this type of light. For fog prone areas, fog light beams shine downward at an angle to avoid reflecting off the haze. Even the most confident driver becomes uncertain of the path home while driving through the fog which is why its important to have lights designed for fog. Lastly, off-road, long-range lights mount onto most SUVs and trucks to provide increased visibility at night. Plus, aftermarket added lights spruce up the look of any off-road vehicle.

Bulb Types

In addition to finding the right lighting unit, you need to choose the bulb type that fits your needs. Bulb types include LED, Halogen, HID, and CCFL Lights.

LED lights are built to last longer, glow brighter, and use less battery power than incandescent bulbs. In fact, LED car lights illuminate further and at least double your range of vision. Halogen is known for being the standard for most replacement lights because they burn brighter and longer than incandescent lights. However, this type of lighting is more sensitive to wear and weather damage than LEDs, so it is important to make sure the bulbs come encased in a weather resistant cover.

Often found in off-road driving lights and flood-lights, HID lights (High-Intensity Discharge) only use 35 watts of power and are ideal for drivers in search of high performance, high-efficiency lighting. The last type of bulb commonly used is Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. CCFL lights got the nickname halos because of their circular light pattern. Made for speed, the concentrated beam of light shines far down the road making this type of lighting ideal for drivers that like to put the pedal to the metal.