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Cherokee Clothing for Men

The Cherokee brand of clothing encompasses a wide range of clothing styles for men. Cherokee-brand clothing for men can be found in regular and extended sizes.

What are the types of Cherokee mens clothing?
  • Casual - The companys garments include polo shirts, button-down short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops, khaki trousers, and chino pants. They are available in colors such as navy blue, gray, tan, and green. They also make mens boxer shorts, boxer briefs, and cotton and nylon blended socks.
  • Denim - Cherokee also makes a selection of denim garments for men. Their items include denim jeans, tops, and jackets.
  • Sporty - Sporty garments made by the Cherokee brand include fleece sweatshirts, cargo pants, shorts, henleys, leather coats, and suede coats.
What are the design options for Cherokee apparel?
  • Vintage - Vintage-styled garments have a distressed look with tonal color shades. Vintage styling is available in denim jeans, trousers, T-shirts, and jackets. Vintage products may also have designs such as skulls or feathers on a solid background.
  • Southwestern - Many Cherokee clothing items for men feature a southwestern design theme. They may have geometric prints that use multiple colors such as warm yellows, oranges, and reds as a part of the design. Tribal designs are also used on this companys shirts.
  • Plaid - There are mens button-down shirts with collars in this brand of garments that have plaid prints woven into the fabric. The plaid designs consist of two to four contrasting or coordinating colors, such as blue and green, red and blue, or blue, green, and black. The designs are made with different colors of threads in the warp and weft. These threads contrast with the shirts primary colors of white, light blue, gray, or tan.
How do you wash Cherokee apparel for men?

Your Cherokee apparel may be able to be machine-washed and tumble-dried, but be sure to check the tag for specific care instructions. Garments that can be machine-washed should be turned inside-out before being washed. Dark-colored clothes should be laundered with other items of like color in cold water. Clothing made of lighter colors should be separated from darker colors and washed in warm water. The garments may be laundered in your preferred brand of color-safe detergent and tumble-dried on medium. Clothing that is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend can be ironed on a medium setting. Leather and suede coats can be polished with suede care products and dry cleaned as needed.

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