Claire Burke Home Fragrances for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, appreciate your mother and her efforts by getting her a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. You can create a pleasant-smelling space for her to relax as a gesture of love. Browse through eBay's selection of Claire Burke home fragrances and find what works best for your mother. These fragrances come in different types of formulations, so you can pick the one that suits your mother's needs. From candles, tealights, and votives to botanicals and glass-filled candles, all are ideal for adding a subtle glow and a magical scent to your home. Select from various scents, features, and colors to further personalize your Mother's Day gift for your mom.

What formats do the fragrances come in?

Claire Burke fragrances come in a wide range of formats, so each person can find what works best for them:

  • Candles: Tealights, votives, botanicals, and glass filled candles all add a subtle glow and a magical scent to your home.
  • Diffusers: Reed diffusers are pretty and allow the fragrance to fill a room.
  • Potpourri: Decorative and easy, potpourri is richly colored and subtly scented.
  • Wax melts: These require a warming unit but are fragrant and convenient.
  • Fragrance oil: This is ideal for refreshing your potpourri or using in an oil warmer. These fragrance oils are concentrated versions of Claire Burkes home fragrances.
  • Electric fragrance warmer: Plug in and go. With a decorative design plate, these fragrance units contain concentrated oils for lasting power.
  • Room sprays: Just a few sprays can transform your surroundings. This long-lasting spritz lets you control the scent level.
How do you choose a Claire Burke home fragrance?

Reading the description is the first step in deciding if you will like a home fragrance. Many descriptions are written to evoke an emotional feeling and give a sense of the aroma. A fragrances notes will be listed so that you can choose what appeals to you the most. The home fragrance line ranges from citrusy fresh to comforting apple. You can alternate scents seasonally or just for a change.

What are the Claire Burke fragrances?

Claire Burke has five signature fragrances.

  • Applejack and Peel: This blend of apple, cinnamon, and citrus is comforting and warming.
  • Original: The original Claire Burke blend combines lavender, rose, vetiver, and patchouli for a spicy, floral bouquet.
  • Vanilla Bean: Creamy and luxurious, vanilla bean is blended with musk, tonka bean, and caramel for a smooth and not-too-sweet aroma.
  • Sparkling Citron Verbena: Clean and crisp, this balanced citrus blend is refreshing and elegant.
  • Wild Cotton: The lightest of the scents, wild cotton is a blend of white flowers, musk, and citrus. It is reminiscent of clean laundry on a sunny spring day.
How long will Claire Burke room fragrances last?

Largely, it depends on what format you choose. Due to the quality of the blends, the Claire Burke line is generally long-lasting.

  • Candles: Candles should burn one hour for every inch in diameter. This reduces tunneling and prolongs its life. Claire Burke candles last from 15 to 70 hours depending on size and burn method.
  • Potpourri and diffusers: These usually last about a month. Inverting the reed diffuser sticks periodically prolongs the scent, as does stirring the potpourri. Both products can be refreshed or refilled as needed.
  • Wax melts: These can last up to 60 hours. A 25-watt halogen bulb is recommended to maximize longevity and sillage.
  • Room sprays and oils: These can last several months, depending on how often they are used.
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