Collectible Boy Scout Posters and Prints

Collectible Boy Scout posters and prints are deeply ingrained in modern Americana. The Boy Scouts of America is more than 100 years old, dating back to the early 1900s. There is so much nostalgia wrapped up in this organization that its members, both young and old, never forget nor stop showing their love and support for it. This well-respected organization has inspired many artists to render drawings, paintings, and other works of art to promote the BSA and drive enrollment and foster support.

Which Artists Have Created BSA Posters?

Many artists have attempted to capture the patriotic brotherhood of the Boy Scouts over the years through drawings, sketches, and photographs. Two of the more notable artists who have created them are Norman Rockwell and Joseph Csatari.

  • Norman Rockwell attempted to capture the honor, dedication, and philanthropy of the Scouts. Apart from a period of two years, he painted calendars for the Boy Scouts from 1924 to 1974. These renderings are also available in poster-size form.
  • Joseph Csatari created more than 150 Scout-themed pieces during the 60 years he was affiliated with the Scouts. He is said by many to be Rockwell's artistic heir.
  • Remington Schyuler is another notable American artist who has represented the spirit of the Boy Scouts with his art.

Do Posters Feature the Boy Scout Oath and Law?

Both current and former Scouts fondly recall reciting this pledge, and there are many illustrations that display it. These signs serve as a daily moral reminder to Scouts and leaders.

  • The Oath and Law of the Boy Scouts is treasured by many, and it has been captured on many posters and prints.
  • Scouting has helped many boys navigate coming of age and manhood. When times get difficult, it can be nice to have poster art or another artistic rendering of the Oath and Law to serve as inspiration.

Why Collect BSA Posters?

The art and portraits that are associated with the Boy Scouts capture scenes of campfires, troops venturing out into the wilderness, and budding leaders showing compassion and lending a helping hand.

  • These posters are fun conversation pieces and bring to mind days long past. Magazine covers touting the Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and Scoutmasters are another medium that can display your Scouting wall art.
  • These posters preserve a slice of American culture and tradition.
  • Many illustrators depicted their view of the Boy Scout tradition, and each has its own flavor.

How Can You Display Your BSA Memorabilia?

Collectible Boy Scout art fits in well with many styles of decor.

  • Some art comes matted and framed, while others allow you to customize the framing to match your personal tastes.
  • You might consider a shadow box to display emblems, merit badges, flags, and other mementos. They offer more depth than a traditional frame does, while allowing you to display thicker items.