Celebrate Your Love for Florida With Collectible Florida License Plates

If you love antique, classic, and specialty license plates from Florida, check out the many options available on eBay to add to your collection. You can find affordable collectible Florida license plates dating back to the 1930s, specialty license plates celebrating Floridas major anniversaries, and more. Look around at eBay and find Florida collectible or specialty license plates for your collection.

What types of collectible license plates are available for Florida?

Specialty and collectible Florida license plates feature many different varieties, and you can find several different styles for your collection. Some examples available include:

  • Universities: You can find specialty license plates for alumni and supporters of the major universities in the state of Florida. These can date back to the early part of the 1900s.
  • Environmental: If you enjoy protecting Florida wildlife and your environment, you may be interested in collecting specialty environmental Florida license plates. Examples of these license plates include ones depicting fish and sea turtles.
  • Special causes: Consider purchasing a collectible specialty plate to show your support for special causes or organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, U.S. veterans, or drug prevention.
  • Emergency providers: There are collectible antique license plates for police, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders. They often feature the state colors of orange and green and display the specific line of work.
Can you register your Florida collectible license plates?

In order for the collectible vintage plate to be considered antique, the motor vehicle must have been at least 30 years old and manufactured after 1945. Some of the collectible plates on eBay listings are labeled as "clear to register," meaning you might be able to register them with your own antique motor vehicle. They must meet antique requirements and can be used when you drive to car shows, service stations, and parades.

What conditions do vintage and collectible plates come in?

Some of the license tags are in virtually new condition, especially if they were only used a few times or kept in storage. If you receive Florida license plates that were used on commercial vehicles, ambulances, or buses, the tags will likely show signs of wear and tear due to use. Some of the collectible plates could have rust as a result of age, so they will look good hanging with other older license tags on an antique plate holder.

Do all license tags list counties instead of Sunshine State?

Almost all of Florida counties allow the owner to register their vehicles license plates displaying the county instead of the states logo. As a result, you may find some collectible vintage plates showing the name of the county, while others from the same period will show "Sunshine State."