Collectible Illinois License Plates

Drivers in the state of Illinois have special registration options for antique vehicles such as cars, trucks, and government automobiles. In addition to current license plates, many license plates from antique cars are available for those who collect driving accessories. Take a look around and see which collectible plates may be available for the years you're interested in.

What antique license plate types are available?

The majority of vintage license plates from the state of Illinois are for passenger vehicles, which were for personal use of the driver and passengers. Some of the options may have both the front and back plates, while others may only have one actual tag. Other available state of Illinois license plates may be for commercial vehicles. Vehicles for hire and business trucks will have vintage plates clearly designating their office and commercial status. Some tags may include a specific location, such as Chicago. The white state license plates and solid color plates are older, while newer tags have detailed designs and printing.

What is the difference between vanity and antique license plates?

Antique tags are available for cars over 25 years old and firefighter vehicles over 20, as well as exact replicas. These special registrations only allow the owner to go to and from car shows, as well as service stations. As a result, many antique car owners will make them available to collectors of memorabilia from that time period. Other specialized state of Illinois tags are simply plates with personalized letters and numbers. Some of the antique registrations may also be vanity plates.

In what condition are the vintage Illinois state license plates?

Since plates may be available for cars of all decades from the state of Illinois, the condition may vary. Specialty tags, such as government office, police, firefighter, or student plates, may have only been in use for a limited time and may be in better condition. Commercial truck registrations in Illinois will often have a very rustic look due to many hours spent on the road.

What unique features will you notice?

Collectible state of Illinois tags from emergency service provides will feature the shape which goes along with their line of work, such as a badge. Other special features include the length of the license plates. License plates from the late 1910's and early 1920's will often be narrow and longer than license plates from recent years, while plates in the 1940's will be shorter and wider. You'll notice that if you find a license plate from a government vehicle, they'll be in a traditional Illinois license plate shape, but only feature initials.

License plates from motorcycles will often be in bright colors such as yellow. If you're looking for an Illinois license plate from the early 1900's, you may notice the tags only have numbers. This began changing in the state of Illinois around the late 1950's and early 1960's.