Collectible South Carolina License Plates

Driving through the countryside and you see a rusted old license plate on the side of the road. Antiquing in a quaint town and you see a vehicle license plate decoratively framed. You can do many things with license plates that are both creative, and functional. It can be enjoyable to collect license plates, but it can also be a challenge if youre looking for a specific version from an older year, or one with a certain lettering.

In addition to adding a South Carolina passenger vehicle plate to their collections, many broaden their collections to include SC motorcycle plates and those of other vehicles. Many collectors start by choosing a particular year or a particular state, while others like to expand and go for all collectible US Territory license plates.

Initially, vintage plate collectors had to find their license plate treasures at flea markets, barn auctions, and yard sales. On eBay, collectible South Carolina license plates are right at your fingertips.

What Types of Collectible SC License Plates Are Available?

There are several types of state license plates for a car available. The first category is an official South Carolina license plate. This type of plate is issued by the DMV and is linked to your vehicle registration. Official South Carolina plates have legal implications and registration requirements.

Under this category fall:

  • Vanity plates and specialty license plates
  • Novelty frames
  • Antique license plates

The third category, antique license plates, is the most sought after when it comes to collectible license plates.

Recreational license plates do not have a legal standing and are purchased for decorative purposes only to be used in conjunction with an official plate or in a collection displayed proudly on the wall.

How Can I Be Creative with South Carolina License Plates?

The creativity is endless. Choose a variety of plates and cut out each letter to create a personalized nameplate. This would be a cute idea for newly weds or college students that travel from home. Let them have a little piece of a place they might miss, or a place they aspire to be.

Can You Use Your SC Collectible License Plate On Your Vehicle?

You cannot use a license plate not assigned and registered to you. Follow these steps to get the right information:

  • Contact your local South Carolina DMV office
  • Ask them for information regarding their rules and regulations for specialty/antique license plates
  • See if your specialty plate is in compliance
  • Pay required registration fees and license plate fees.

Their requirements to issue an antique plate is that your vehicle is:

  • Your vehicle is at least 25 years old
  • Your car is only used for exhibition and shows.

An SC license plate fee may apply so be sure to reach out to your local DMV for more information regarding registration. It is your responsibility as the vehicle owner to ensure you are complying with South Carolina state DMV laws.