Collectible Zippo Nautical and Ship Lighters

The nostalgia surrounding vintage lighters gives rise to unique designs that tell a tale of history. Lighters are unique in their characteristics based on wear, overall collectability, and design. Zippo lighters, in particular, are as unique in their personal character as the people who owned them.

What are some features of a vintage Zippo candlelighter?

There are several main features associated with vintage Zippo lighters. These include:

  • Windproof Housing - A metal screen surrounds the wick that causes a disruption in the flow of air around the flame. The windscreen is basically a little metal box with holes in it that protects the wick from wind.
  • The Flint - A striking flint sits next to the fuel-soaked wick inside the windproof screen of your Zippo. A spark is created by rolling a metal wheel with your finger and ignites the wick.
  • Encased Metal Body - The chrome body of the lighter has an outer casing and an inner casing. The inner casing is protected by the outer shell. The chrome body enables protection of the working mechanisms inside the lighter.
How do you choose a vintage Nautical Zippo Lighter?

There are many lighters that Zippo has released throughout the years. There are four main features that can help you to choose the right model.

  • Limited Edition - Many people choose certain models of chrome Zippo lighters based on their overall availability in the market. A particular Zippo may have been scarce or manufactured in limited quantities.
  • Personal Preference - The overall design, picture, and customized logo on specific Zippos are unique. The lighter that you choose really comes down to personal preference regarding design. Luckily, there is a large assortment from which to choose.
  • Collectibles - Many of these pieces that are still housed in their original box can be highly sought after. Collectors will purchase specific Zippos to sell again or add to their collection. If it is kept in the original box, this will add to the overall dollar value of a particular historical piece.
  • Purpose and Use - Some chrome lighters are chosen specifically based on how the person plans to use the lighter. Some people may look for a nostalgic collectible piece to light their cigarettes. You may be deciding to get an older model because it can be inexpensive to obtain if heavily worn. The purpose would then be to add a tool to your array of camping or exploration gear.