Equipamentos Comerciais para Bebidas e Bares

For commercial bartenders or restaurant owners, making drinks keeps people happy. Whether it’s serving up morning java or crafting chilly concoctions, commercial beverage equipment and catering equipment keeps the drinks flowing and the customers coming. Specific drinks require certain types of restaurant equipment to make, and having the right machinery makes a difference. Serve with a smile when you offer up delicious drinks created with the tools of the trade, and never leave anyone thirsty.

Espresso Yourself

Commercial espresso machines make more than coffee. These high-quality, powerful types of bar equipment not only grind espresso beans, but use them to make delicious drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes. Use the included steaming wand to make milk frothy, and layer it on top of a variety of drink designs. Get guests caffeinated with an elegant espresso machine that only takes beans to run. Add flavored syrups and drizzles to drinks to customize your coffee, and start each day with smiles.

A Special Blend

Every bar needs a blender to whip up everything from frozen daiquiris to milkshakes. Commercial blenders are powerful machines that make blending a breeze, and their oversized designs means you can make more drinks at once. Toss in ice cubes and alcohol for cold cocktails, or pour in milk, chocolate, and ice cream for kid-friendly tastes. Fruit smoothies are healthy and popular, and a good blender by Vitamix or Waring blends frozen fruit with juice to create mouthwatering and healthy drink choices for customers.

The Juice is Loose

For breakfast restaurants and coffee shops, serving up fresh-squeezed juice is fantastic. Everyone loves a delicious, crisp glass of apple juice or the irresistible citrus charm of just-made orange juice. Bar juicers squeeze large quantities of fruit at a time, creating pitchers of good-for-you juice you can use to drink or add to cocktails or smoothies for an unbeatable flavor that anything pre-purchased just can’t rival. Become known for your juice selections, and combine different flavors to add jazz to your juice menu.

Freeze Frame

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, that means your customers do, too. Choose a frozen drink dispenser that can serve up margaritas, icees, and daiquiris in seconds, and don’t lose time preparing each drink by hand. Perfect for movie theaters, bars, and high-volume restaurants, frozen drink dispensers keep concoctions cool until customers indulge, then they’re ready to sip and enjoy.