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Computer Printers Offer a Wealth of Helpful Features

Computer printers allow you to print an array of different items. From flyers and brochures to cards and documents, you can have something to hold in your hand. Knowing which new and used printers for sale on eBay are right for you makes all the difference in the world.

What are the different types of technologies?

You will find that there are many different types of printers. Each printer takes a different type of ink. Furthermore, the printing technology is different.

  • Dot matrix: This type of printer uses tiny dots to form letters, numbers, and other images.
  • Inkjet: Small jets of ink are used to print characters.
  • Laser: A laser is used to form a pattern of dots that are then transferred to a piece of paper using heat.
  • Dye sublimation: Dye is transferred onto a material, such as fabric, paper, or plastic.
  • Thermal: Heated pins form characters on paper that is heat-sensitive.

How does a printer connect to the computer?

It is important to look at how a unit connects to the computer. You can choose wired or wireless models.

  • Parallel
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet

What are the color output options?

Depending on the make and model, you will have several color options. It is possible to print in black and white or color. Some inkjet printers have various color cartridges available. This will allow you to opt for a high-quality image.

What is an all-in-one printer?

An all-in-one device combines several different machines into one. It provides value when you look at computer printer prices because you do not have to buy multiple units.

Additionally, an all-in-one uses less space in an office setting. Some units might also have screens, allowing you to make all of the copies or prints directly from the unit as opposed to going through the computer. A typical all-in-one will include:

  • Laser or inkjet printer
  • Copier
  • Scanner

What is involved with buying a printer?

Buying a computer printer means taking the time to look at the different features. You have to decide what you are going to be printing, and then shop for the various makes and models. Knowing more about the options will help you to narrow down the possibilities.

  • Type of unit: Choose the technology you want employed.
  • Printing speed: PPM or pages per minute are identified on models.
  • Color: Choose whether you want black and white or color copies.
  • Function: Decide if you want multifunctional capabilities.
  • Connection: Look at how the device attaches to your computer.