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Conrad-Johnson Home Audio Amplifiers and Preamps

Amplifiers and preamps are typically used to complete a home audio system. They enhance and modify the source sound signal. Conrad-Johnson home audio equipment is available in different styles of audio amplifiers and preamplifiers.

What are some of the power amplifier styles available?

The Conrad ART150 and ART300 audio amps are basic models without special features that deliver a consistent and dependable sound. The Classic 62 and 120 Vacuum-Tube Stereo Power Amplifiers borrow technology from the signature ART amplifier design. Materials like precision metals, polypropylene, and polystyrene are used in the creation of these products. The MF2550 and MF2275 Solid State amplifiers are designed with simple circuits to minimize excessive time loop inverting feedback and high-quality phono parts to improve the resulting output.

What are some of the preamps available?

The GAT preamp won a 2017 Editor’s Choice award. Only a limited number of units of this particular style are available. The product is similar to the tube design of its predecessor — the ART preamp. The design is a vacuum tube, line-stage preamp that accommodates many different input cord choices and pairs with many different amplifier designs. The model was built with great sonic performance in mind, designed to make your music sound crisp.

The ET7 Enhanced-Triode Preamplifier uses tube technology modeled from the GAT preamplifier. It has been modified and streamlined to make it more accessible to a wider pool of individuals. Its resistors are accurate, precise, and made from metal foil. The ET3 and ET3SE Vacuum Tube Preamp also won a 2017 Editor’s Choice award. This company model also uses technology from the GAT design but has been downsized. The model uses six different options for inputs and the option to connect to a home theater setup.

How do you care for amplifiers and preamps?

Wipe the machines down periodically with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Try using line conditioner if desired, and see what the electronic device sounds like. If you are satisfied with the improvement, leave it on. If not, discontinue use. Results of using line conditioner will vary depending on your particular midrange music system and your AC power line. Make sure to switch your audio equipment off when you are not using them in order to claim the longest life possible. Using a surge protector can also help protect the device against electrical power surges. It is also important that you do not connect the amps or preamps to speakers that will draw more power than the amps can provide.

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