What To Look for in a Copper Outdoor Fountain

A copper fountain can make a great addition to your outdoor space. A water fountain can create beautiful splashing sounds, and you can use it as a centerpiece for your garden decor. There are many different types of fountains available in copper. You can have a fountain that is a large statement pieces or a fountain that is small and subtle. Some are suitable for indoor use but most are designed to be placed in outdoor spaces. With so many different types of copper water fountains to choose from, you can find one that suits your individual needs. 

What Styles do Copper Outdoor Fountains Come in? 

You can find a copper fountain for your garden or patio in many different styles.

  • Some of them are waterfall style, with water that trickles down from the top of the fountain, over one or more tiers, before falling into a basin where the pump takes it back to the top. Some waterfall fountains are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. 
  • You can also find fountains that feature a spout of water that shoots upward from the basin. Some feature a pump that allows you to adjust how high up the water goes. 
  • A bird bath style water fountain features a gentle stream of water that agitates the water in the basin and keeps it fresh. This type of fountain works well for a patio as well as a garden. 

What Designs do Copper Outdoor Fountains Come in? 

Copper outdoor fountains are available with numerous different designs. 

  • You can find these water fountains with an array of designs. Some of them are very modern, with clean lines, crisp edges and geometric or abstract shapes. These compliment modern style decor and some are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. 
  • You can also find water fountains made of copper with a more classic design that feature figures of children or animals. Some of them even have a pump that pushes water out of the child or animal's mouth. These work well in the center of an outdoor garden. 
  • Some water fountains have elegant decorative designs with detailed copper panels that feature filigree or floral patterns. Some of these fountains are single tiered and some are multi-tiered.  

What Colors do Copper Outdoor Fountains Come in? 

Outdoor water fountains made of copper can come in an array of colors. 

  • Some of these fountains feature natural copper coloring which is deep reddish brown with a rich metallic sheen. 
  • You can also find a water fountain with pained copper. Some of them have bold primary colors and some have subtle hints of color that complement the natural shades of the fountain. 
  • You can find these water fountains in solid colors and some of them also have patterns pained on them such as geometric or floral patterns.