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Crate Guitar Amplifiers

With an electric guitar, in order to get sound, it's important to have an amplifier. Sometimes, guitar-amplifier combos are available. Crate guitar amplifiers include options like the Crate 5212 Vfx Tube Guitar Combo amp and the Crate V50 50W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo amp.

What channel effects can an amplifier from Crate have?

Crate products have controls for volume, tone, and treble. But on some Crate amps, there are even more features available. Select Crate amps may include effects like:

  • Distortion: This is an overdrive effect that can be used for industrial metal, and it's a built-in feature on some Crate amps. Usually, the Crate amp models that have this feature will have this on a button. To access it, simply press it in to access a channel that has more noise.
  • Wahs: This effect was prominent in the 1970s due to its use by musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Peter Frampton. This type of effect makes each strum emit a “wah” noise from the guitar amp. Usually, this effect will be on a knob or dial for better control.
  • Tremolo: The tremolo amp simulates the quick strumming of a string, which can save fingers from fatigue.
  • Reverb: The reverb effect adds echo. This tone isn’t available on all Crate amps, so check the listed features for it before making a decision.
  • Clean: Also known as the Fender clean effect, this effect is well-known for its use in surf rock. Some Fender amps have this effect as a default, but this tone is available on many Crate practice amps, too.
Can a Crate amp be used with an acoustic guitar?

Yes, if the guitar is an acoustic-electric and has a hookup to plug in, a Crate amp can be used with it. Otherwise, conversion would be necessary. Any included effects will be available to that acoustic-electric guitar, just as they would for the electric.

What size options are there for a Crate cabinet amp?

Crate makes amplifiers in a variety of sizes. These include practice amps, small heads, and large, powerful heads for stadium shows.

  • Small: The Crate FW120H is a small, flat amp head that can be combined with another amplifier. The GX15 is a small practice amp. CPB150 is another small Crate amp head, compatible with both guitars and bass guitars.
  • Medium: Mid-sized Crate amps include the CA30DG, CA15, and CA125DG amps.
  • Large: Big, powerful Crate amps include the FlexWave FW120 and the Blue Voodoo BV120H amp head. The Blue Voodoo has been used by famous bands for arena shows.