Cruiser Bikes

Get Around in Comfort and Style With a Cruiser Bike

Affordable cruiser bikes are available from all the major bicycle manufacturers on eBay. You can find the right size and style for everyone in your family. Take a look at the new and pre-owned cruiser bikes on eBay, and get ready to hit the road for some easy riding.

What size bike frames are available?

Beach cruiser bicycles come in every frame size available from 11 inches to 21 inches. The bicycles size can be adjusted to fit men, women, and young adults. There is also a unisex cruiser-bike style that could be just what you need. It works great as your main bike and is perfect to keep on hand for when a friend or family member wants to come along for a ride.

What sizes of cruiser bike tires are available?

The tire size varies based upon the type of bike that you want to get. The typical sizes that youll find are:

  • 24 inches
  • 26 inches
  • 29 inches
  • 700C

What colors are available for mens and womens cruisers?

You can enjoy a ride along the beach on your cruiser bike that is blue, pink, yellow, or just about any color that you may want. You have the freedom to choose the color pattern that best suits their individual preferences. You can choose the type of tire that you want on your cruiser, too. Some have the whitewall look, and others are completely black. A good way to choose the right color is by matching it with the size and look of the bike frame, according to the manufacturers directions.

Check out these features of cruiser bikes

A single-speed beach cruiser bicycle is typically made from lightweight aluminum or steel. The handlebar grips are extremely comfortable for long rides, and each cruiser has alloy rims that are strong and sturdy. The design of a beach cruiser provides ample leg room on the sides and a seat that is plushly cushioned. With these comfortable options, you can expect to enjoy spendings lots of time on your bike with little strain on your body. There are also a number of different bicycle options that you can choose. From the type of suspension to the braking system, you can get what you want on eBay.

Are all beach cruiser bikes single speed?

There are Cruiser bikes that range from single speed to thirty speed. Every system is designed in a similar fashion, so riding a ten-speed bicycle is the same process as riding one with more or fewer gears.

Before you take a load off this Labor Day, ensure you have everything you need to kick back and celebrate the day in style, and shop for deals on cruiser bikes, flags, and more.