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DJ Equipment Packages

Display your musical talents for the entire world to see with the assistance of your choice of professional DJ equipment. DJ equipment and accessories free you from the constraints of mainstream musical instruments, allowing you to create your very own sounds, effects, and ultimately experiences. Whether you need old-school spinning equipment, new-school effects, or something unique, the right DJ package can help you bring your musical dreams to life.

What kinds of DJ equipment should you start with?

If you are new to the DJ business, the variety and scale of available pro packages can be intimidating, but you can begin with a few basic tools. To get going, look for equipment that includes MIDI controllers, laptop computers, DJ headsets, mixing software, amplifiers, and performance speakers.

In addition to this, you should put turntables, styli, cartridges, crossfaders, and CD players on your list.

Turntables come in two basic varieties: direct-drive and belt-drive. Belt-drive tables usually work well for those new to the DJ world. Belt-driven turntables slow down precipitously when you touch the platter but can also be quite responsive, a feature that makes them good learning tools.

The direct-drive models include platters connected to the motors without any intervening belts. This provides extra torque to the platter and makes techniques like spinning and scratching possible. For this reason, you may want to consider this turntable style to give yourself greater musical range.

Are crossfaders useful for you to have?

Crossfaders tend to be eminently useful. These DJ controls allow you to simultaneously manipulate the volume levels of twin-turntable racks. These tools work well for those who enjoy scratching.

The hamster switch is another tool closely related to the crossfader. Hamster switches are reciprocal cross-fading instruments and reverse the action of your crossfader. By using these tools in unison, you can create new and interesting sounds.

Should you look for anti-shock components?

Your performances may take place in noisy and rowdy venues. Dancing fans and your speakers can and will create significant vibrations that can cause your tracks to miss beats. Choosing components rated for shock-absorption goes a long way toward preventing this.

Are styli and cartridges important components?

Yes, they are. Styli are sensitive needles used to convert the physical information found on records into acoustic information. These needles rest on the ends of the cartridges and must be carefully installed. You can choose cartridges designed specifically for scratching.