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Dale of Norway

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Dale of Norway Men's Sweaters

Dale of Norway is a historic textile factory that was created by its founder, Peter Jebsen, in 1879. Thanks to the strong knitting traditions of the Norwegians, the easy access to wool, and natural power in the form of waterfalls, the brand was able to develop designs that were sold worldwide. The Dale of Norway brand's knitwear is offered in a range of styles, and these sweaters can have intricate patterns and designs.

What sizes does Dale of Norway offer?

Dale of Norway offers sweaters in a full range of sizes. The following is a list of the basic men's sizes they offer:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • XXXL

What styles of sweaters does Dale of Norway make?

Their styles are designed to be comfortable in different temperatures and work well with different types of physical activity in cold weather. Here is a look at some of the sweaters they offer:

  • Casual: These simple styles are made of premium merino wool. Dale of Norway's casual sweaters are thin. Due to classic Norwegian knitting techniques, these pieces are considered to be pill-free. They're also available in a number of colors, including navy blue and dark gray.
  • Viking: These Dale of Norway garments are inspired by Viking heritage. They often have innovative wool qualities of "next to skin" basic wool and lightweight merino. They may be decorated with runic symbols, arrows, and other Nordic imagery.
  • Traditional: Dale of Norway's traditional men's styles are inspired by Norway's folk costumes. They're decorated with authentic folk patterns, and they often have details like buttons and pewter clasps.
  • Outdoor: Dale of Norway also designs sweaters for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and hiking. They are often decorated with nature imagery like salmon and deer antlers.
  • Sport: Dale of Norway's sport options are designed for the slopes. In this category, you can find pullovers, cardigans, and sweaters.
  • Weatherproof: For cold weather conditions, Dale of Norway designed their weatherproof collection, which features sweaters made of a technical three-layer fabric. They're also loaded with practical details like toggle closures and breathable liners.

Dale of Norway is known for incorporating old-fashioned knitting practices and patterns into its garments. The brand’s line of menswear uses 100% wool from Norway, and many of these pieces are decorated with the country's classic knitting patterns. These include the eight-petal rose, the lice pattern, and the Setesdal valley cross.

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