Rock Out With Dave Matthews Band Memorabilia

Looking to grab some merchandise from one of the world's premiere rock bands? You can find Dave Matthews Band memorabilia online. You can celebrate your favorite rock band by ordering a number of different collectibles that are new or used on eBay.

What types of memorabilia can you purchase?

There a number of different items that you can find online. Here are a few types of Dave Matthews Band merchandise to look for:

  • T-Shirts
  • Posters
  • Iron-on patches
  • Keychains
  • Stickers
  • Set lists
  • Handbills
  • Enamel pins

You can find some of the latest DMB merchandise from recent tours such as T-shirts, posters, mugs, backpacks, and iron-on patches. Each piece of merchandise is customized for each tour. The iron-on patches typically include more simplistic designs such as the Dave Matthews Band logo. You can iron or stitch them onto a shirt or a jacket. You can also find other unique pieces of memorabilia such as set lists from different tour dates. The band hand-writes these, and some include autographs, making them even more valuable.

What is on the DMB memorabilia?

Each individual piece of merchandise has its own unique design. DMB has them made for different nights of the tour. You?ll find a different design on each item, depending on what tour poster, shirt, or souvenir you decide to purchase. You can find designs such as the classic DMB logo, cars, or colorful sunsets. For tour T-shirts, you'll find all the dates from the tour on the back of the shirt in addition to the designs made for the tour. Posters will have artwork done by different artists commissioned by the band. They will also include the tour dates and the names of the cities they played in on that specific tour. Keychains may have the logo or tour date year or design.

What years can you find memorabilia from?

Different Dave Matthews Band T-shirts, posters, patches, and other collectibles are all dated depending on the year of the tour. Some posters include the city, date, and the year the show or tour took place. There are some posters that date as early as 2005 or as late as 2018. Every piece of DMB memorabilia features different years, so they are definitely distinguishable from one another. The tour posters for specific dates, however, will have the exact date and year placed on the poster.

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