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What is a CD Driver Utility Software?

A driver is a software that allows Microsoft Windows or any other operating system to communicate with the hardware devices on your laptop. It is a connecting bridge between the hardware and your computer.

Some devices such as video cards, modems, and sound cards all require drivers to function well. Sometimes, Windows will include the general drivers for the basic functions of your computer or laptop, but you can download additional ones and install them later. Some functions can be disabled if there is an issue with the drive. All program files and Windows drivers are usually stored on the hard disk drive once you copy them from the DVD.

How do I install drivers on my Dell laptop using the CD drive utilities?

You can either download the drivers from the internet though it can be a tricky procedure. It is a good method when the drive of your laptop has problems.

The other option is through the use of a CD with the utilities that you insert in the DVD drive of your Dell Inspiron laptop. Be sure to turn off the system restore if you want to retain all the files and folders on your laptop whether your computer is running on Windows 7 or Windows 10.

1. Close any open documents, applications, and files.

This prevents the loss of data from any of the running apps and files.

2. Insert the utilities and Dell driver CD into the DVD or CD-ROM of your laptop.

The splash screen of the Dell disc will automatically appear. If it doesn't then click the \"start\", \"computer\", then double-click the DVD/CD-ROM's icon to gain access to the files. You should then right-click on the \"Autocrd.exe\" file and open it to launch the main program.

3. Click the \"OK\" button after the Dell splash screen appears then follow the screen prompts.

On doing this, the disc will install the setup files the first time you insert into the disk drive of your laptop.

4. Choose the language of your choice from the drop-down menu on the \"language\" menu when prompted.

Click \"next\" to launch the scan utility of the disc system. This is an all-in-one scan that will check your system for any missing drivers and any issues with the existing ones. In case of any issues, then you can click on the troubleshooter for possible solutions to the problem.

5. Click \"install\" to reinstall the driver and follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver from the Dell driver and utility driver.

If the driver is not available, then click on the directory name in the driver information dialog box. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if you want to install additional drivers.

How do I manage device drivers?

On rare occasions will drivers require additional attention apart from the need to update and fix bugs. This is the case especially for drivers downloaded through the windows update. You can manage your drivers through the device manager on all the Windows versions.

Here are some usual tasks in Windows for drivers:

  • How to roll back a driver in Windows
  • How to find driver's version number
  • How to update the Windows' drivers