Diba True Shoes for Women

Diba True is a family-owned company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Its shoes are designed to meet fashion-conscious women's real-life needs with upgraded styles, materials, and colors. Here is some information to help you select shoes from this collection.

What styles of shoe does Diba True make?

Diba makes a number of different shoe styles that range from casual to dressy. They include:

  • Wedges: These shoes offer a heel in the shape of a wedge that lowers consistently from heel to toe.
  • Flats: Diba makes a number of styles of flats that range from sandals to skate shoes to ballet flats.
  • Booties: These shoes may be slip-ons or have fasteners. They are shaped like boots with a short upper that can range from ankle height to just below the calf.
  • Boots: Diba boots range in height from mid-calf to thigh-high. They can be zippered, buckled, slip-on, or laced.
What materials does Diba True use in their shoes?

All of Diba's shoes are crafted from some form of leather. The three main options include:

  • Suede: This brushed leather has a soft, matte appearance. It comes in neutral hues like black, brown, white, and gray; is can also be dyed to achieve colors from brights to pastels.
  • Leather: Diba offers many different styles of shoe with genuine leather uppers.
  • Woven leather: Diba offers a number of shoes that are made with cross-woven leather straps along a leather base, as well as waffle-style woven pieces with chunkier leather strips.
What sizes of shoe does Diba True offer?

You can find women's U.S. sizes that range from 6 to 11. Half sizes are available. All shoes made by this brand come in a standard, medium width; no narrow or wide options are available. See the manufacturer site for details.

What kinds of fasteners come with these shoes?

There are a number of fastener styles to be found with this brand. Closures often depend on the style of shoe you're looking for. They include:

  • Slip-on: These shoes are designed to slide on with no fastener required. They may include elastic stretch panels to facilitate putting them on and taking them off.
  • Zippers: Metal zippers are a common fastener for boots.
  • Buckles: Buckles may be gold-tone, silver-tone, or black. They are found on sandals, wedges, and boots.
  • Hook-and-loop: This is a soft, unobtrusive, fastener that gives the appearance of an all-leather upper.
  • Laces: Flats, tall boots, and sandals may all come with a lace-up option. Like all parts of the upper, the laces are 100% leather.
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