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Raised Dog Bowls

Raised dog feeders are dog bowls with platforms that raise them up from the ground. They can also be bowls that are themselves designed to be higher than floor level. Often, if the product is designed to raise the food bowl, it raises the water bowl as well.

What are raised dog bowls for?

Raised dog bowls have several benefits for your pet.

  • Health: First, many veterinary professionals agree that elevated bowls help prevent bloat. Dog bloat (not to be confused with common bloating) occurs when a dog's abdomen fills with food, fluid, gas, etc. This swelling creates pressure on other organs including the heart and lungs. It can also decrease blood flow.
  • Comfort: Raised dog feeders are excellent for older animals. Not only do they help to promote movement by providing easy access to food, but they also allow your pet to have to work less to get to their meal. Your geriatric dog won't have to hunker down so much to eat or drink. It will help to prevent any unnecessary stress on their joints and bones. This means that elevated bowls are an excellent fit for dogs with many medical conditions as well. Additionally, especially for large breeds, it aids in reducing spinal stress, hip irritation, and shoulder and joint dysplasia.
  • Cleanliness: Elevated bowls also have the added benefit of keeping your feeding area clean and contained. Because the dishes are usually on a fixed platform, your dog is prevented from scooting bowls all over the place while eating.
What are raised dog bowls made of?

Raised dog bowls can be made of just about any material. It is more about your individual preferences. Some people may prefer the warm tones of a wooden or bamboo option while you prefer the easy cleaning of a stainless steel design. Some are plastic with dog food storage underneath them while others are constructed of stone. Raised dog feeders also come in a nice expanse of color options. They include:

  • Beige
  • Red
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Blue
What kind of dogs use this type of bowl?

It may seem like the only breeds that would benefit from an elevated dog bowl are large varieties like great Danes or mastiffs. However, small dogs can also have raised bowls. Even if it is only a few inches, the benefits of anatomical mindfulness, as well as easy access for geriatric dogs, is not breed-specific.